Sephora Is Not Selling Their Starter Witch Kit After Crazy Backlash

The other day a new product from Sephora and Prinrose went viral. The product, a Starter Witch Kit, evoked lots of backlash from beauty fans and witches everywhere.

The sherbet rainbow colored kit created by Prinrose included tarot cars, white sage, rose quartz crystal and nine mini fragrances. It was set to retail for $42 and supposed to be sold at Sephora.

Witchcraft has been appropriated and capitalized on before, but this bright candy-colored Witch Kit really set people off. First, real Wiccans started the backlash by calling out Sephora for appropriating their religion and culture.

Even though Wiccan isn’t as big as Christianity or Islam, doesn’t mean it’s not as important. The kit makes light of Wiccan culture and is basically as watered down as when people dress up as a “witch” on Halloween with a black pointy hat and all. Being a Wiccan isn’t an aesthetic

Not only is the kit disrespectful, but someone pointed out that white sage is endangered.

Eventually, the backlash turned into making fun of people who are unqualified messing around with magic. It’s a meme, but with a purpose.

Even SZA has something to say about the mainstream magic kit.

So, yeah the backlash was intense. Pinrose decided it was better to pull the product than deal with all of these angry people. They released a statement on their website.

“First and foremost, to those who have shared their disappointment or taken offense to this product, we apologize profoundly. This was not our intent. We thank you for communicating with us and expressing your feelings. We hear you; we will not be manufacturing or making this product available for sale.

Our intention for the product was to create something that celebrates wellness, personal ceremony, and intention setting with a focus on using fragrance as a beauty ritual.”

They went on to explain that Salvia Apiana a.k.a. White Sage is not endangered according to the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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