Instagram Influencer Mysteriously Dies While On A Billionaire’s Yacht In Greece

Sinead McNamara was found in dire condition while on a billionaire’s yacht on the Greek island Kefalonia. BBC reports that Greek law enforcement is currently investigating her death.

McNamara, 20, was found on Mexican mining billionaire, Alberto Bailleres’ docked yacht called the Mayan Queen IV. Bailleres and his family weren’t on the yacht, they left days before McNamara’s death. reports that the yacht costs about $200 million, is six stories high and is 93 meters long.

The Instagram influencer was found “twisted in rope” at the back of the yacht on Friday, August 31. According to, “crew member found the young woman unconscious and hanging from rope at the back of the vessel at around 2 A.M. on Friday.” She was airlifted to the nearest hospital but died during transit.

McNamara is an Australian Instagram model and influencer. She was working on the yacht for the last four months. Bailleres supposedly left the yacht and its crew on Tuesday, August 28, three days before she was found in critical condition. The crew were still on board when McNamara was discovered at the back of the boat.

The 20-year-old has over 31,400 followers on Instagram and is originally from New South Wales in Australia. On August 7, she posted on Instagram that she has been working on a boat and had little less than a month left of work before going on vacation.

“Living & working on a boat seeing all that the world has to offer 🌝 yep I think I have it pretty good. Today’s a day for being grateful anddd it’s less then a month till I get to see my family & friends in Aus”

McNamara regularly posts photos of her travels and bikini shots. Her Instagram bio says she loves adventure and travel and will soon be visiting Monaco.

Her death still remains a mystery. People are suspecting a suicide, accident or something more ominous. Authorities are forcing the yacht to stay docked so they can continue to investigate.

Her cousin told The Daily Telegraph that the family believes her death was caused by a boating accident, but they aren’t sure. Her sister and mother were already on their way to Greece to spend a vacation with McNamara. They were told while traveling that McNamara died.

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