Woman Forced To Give Back Her $40,000 Engagement Ring To Ex-Fiancé

A woman was ordered by a judge to turn over her $40,000 engagement ring to her ex-fiancé. The two got engaged in 2011 and then spent the last five years in court fighting over who gets the ring.

Rodney Ripley, 54, proposed to Jennifer Rutten, 50, on the Brooklyn Bridge in December 2011. The ring that cost $40,000 was a 3-carat cushion-cut diamond in a Tacori ring. They got engaged in New York City because Rutten was working with the Red Cross in the city. But Ripley was living in Wisconsin.


Their relationship crashed and burned before they got to walk down the aisle. According to the New York Post, They broke up about a year after they became engaged and Ripley asked for the ring back.

“I was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and he started harassing me,” Rutten said about her ex.

Rutten refused to give back the ring so Ripley sued her. Rutten’s lawyer, Bruce Connolly, tried to prove that the ring was less than $13,000 meaning it was way under Manhattan’s $25,000 civil-court threshold. But Rutten’s lawyers provided receipts to prove that the ring actually cost him $39,057.10 and an additional $40,000 insurance policy.

By New York law, if the marriage never occurs the ring has to be returned no matter what went down during the breakup. So Rutten tried to argue that she returned to Wisconsin in 2013 so New York law doesn’t apply, but that didn’t stick. So then in 2017 Rutten accused Ripley that he was abusive to her during their relationship, which is why she didn’t return the ring.


“From what I recall, he became angrier, he became more typically abusive, emotionally abusive,” she said. “I was angry, I didn’t want to return it.”

But she didn’t produce any evidence of abuse and so the judge granted Ripley a summary judgment. Rutten and her lawyer tried for many years to get around the court, but ultimately

So now Rutten legally has to return the ring to Ripley within 45 days or pay her ex the exact price of the ring.

Seven years after proposing, six years after breaking up and five years of a legal battle, Ripley finally has the ring back.

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