The 8 People You Might Become At College Dining Hall

It’s back to school season! Again! Whether you are a freshman or returning student, college dining hall is a must, and certainly one of the most unique places on campus. When you are at the dining hall, clearly your mind is on food, but have you ever stopped to people watch? Besides the variety of food, you can choose, there are also the eight types of people you will definitely see at this very place–or maybe you are one of them?

The Enormous Group

Often enough you will see these people of a huge group coming in, always taking up big tables or combining multiple ones together. And not to mention when they all stand to get food all at once–especially when they decide to get the same type of food. Imaging you have to wait after these people when they constantly checking with each other about their orders with some of them being indecisive, it’s a real torture to your stomach.

Also, other people need seats as well, please.

The Dish Breaker

How many times in your life that applause and cheering would make you super awkward and embarrassed? Breaking a dish at the dining hall in front of hundreds of students definitely counts as one. If you were the breaker, the experience will forever be engrained in your memory. But if you saw one, just clap afterward to make them even more uncomfortable.

This is why I always grab my tray super tight when returning the plates.

The Theif

We are not talking about those people who sneak out food–those are meant to be taken, yes? We are talking about dining hall plats and utensils here, which are just so useful for your own use. Sometimes you don’t feel like eating at the dining hall and you just want to enjoy a cup ramen in your room, a free fork that you “borrowed” from dining hall comes to an use.

Or a spoon for your yogurt and a plate for your bagel?

The Loner

Somebody really needs to accompany this person because he or she is always sitting alone. However, there are people who just like eating by themselves. But aw, they just look so lonely, maybe I will try talking to them next time–when I’m alone, too.

The Sloppy Eater

When you see a table and the floor nearby covered with a mess, you know who has been here. Some people just can’t keep their food on just their plate, they always have to share half of the food with the table and half of it with their laps. Those people must be very generous.

The Dessert Addict

Forget about all the nutritious food, where are the cookies and brownies? These people live for the dessert bar, really. Though they might have a slice of pizza near them, sweets are definitely their main dish.

The Health-Nut

There’s always a salad bar in a dining hall, but it’s always the emptiest place and you will never have to wait in line–and the veggies will never run out! But there are actually this group of people who would always remember to have a bowl of greens on their trays, no matter what is served. I just don’t get it, how can you eat that dry kill salad every day?

The One With All The Takeout

You will never see some certain people in the dining hall because they are always at the takeout area. Those people perhaps dislike the crowded and noisy dining halls and prefer to take their food back and sit their introverted selves in quiet rooms. Or they just always pick a weird time when none of their friends want to eat, so they bring the food back to avoid any awkwardness of eating alone.

But sometimes, takeout foods are just simply much better than the dining hall foods.

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