This Cheerleader Got In the Craziest Fight & Didn’t Drop Her Cell Phone

A fight between a cheerleader and another girl is going viral for how crazy it is. The video of the fight has gone viral on Twitter thanks to Twitter user Sierra Sprague, who claims that the cheerleader in the fight is her sister. The video has almost eight million videos.

After Sierra’s tweet went viral, she promoted her’s and her sister’s Instagrams. Her sister, who was the cheerleader in the video is supposedly Savannah Sprague.

The video shows the other girl asking Savannah if she wants to fight. “Nobody wants to fight,” Savannah in between clapping. It looks like the teens are at an outdoor shopping mall in California.

“Nobody speaks on you guys. Nobody talks about you guys,” Savannah says while sitting down.

The other girl keeps antagonizing Savannah and pointing her hand in her face. A small crowd has formed and multiple people are filming at this point. The one girl is still taunting her asking her what she’s going to do about her finger in her face. “I’m not going to fight you!” Savannah states.

The girl then touches Savannah further escalating the situation. “Don’t f**king touch me,” the cheerleader says. In the middle of her restating that she doesn’t want to fight the girl slaps her in the face.

While holding her cell phone, Savannah gets up and starts hitting the other girl. With her fists balled up, the cheerleader begins repeatedly hitting the girl in the face, eventually pulling her down to the ground. When the girl stands back up Savannah body slams her back to the ground, climbs on top and keeps hitting. This is some WWE Raw stuff.

Everyone watching the fight at this point is cheering on Savannah. Eventually, someone comes and pulls the two apart. The girl walks off, clearly the loser of the fight. Meanwhile, Savannah’s hair is still in perfect place.

The fight is so wild, quick and iconic.

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