Noah Centineo Girlfriends 2019: Who Is He Dating Now?

Noah Centineo has skyrocketed as the most recent leading man. Even though it seems like Noah came out of nowhere thanks to Netflix hit movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, that’s not the case. The 22-year-old actor started acting in 2009. In wasn’t until 2015 when he got a large recurring role as Jesus Adamas Foster on The Fosters.

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The films are out

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After being on The Fosters he was cast as the love interest in Camila Cabello’s “Havana” music video. Then he was cast in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and the rest is history.

Noah plays the perfect rom-com guy, but how is his real love life? Check out Noah’s full dating history below.

Kelli Berglund 2014

Kelli and Noah began dating in 2014. They met on the set of Disney Channel’s original movie How to Build a Better Boy. The two didn’t last long an only dated for a brief time.

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Noahhhhh 🏈 @ncentineo

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Kelli is also an actor who has had a ton of gigs on Disney Channel.

Angeline Appel 2016-2018

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If a riddle were ever human, it would be me. A mix of sarcasm, politeness, and a million questions. My mind prods and ponders of what colors make me up, they say eyes are windows to the soul but mine change everyday. I wonder if I’m as poetic as I seem, if I put meaning into the words I speak, if I put care into the art I create, if writing carries the weight of my secrets? I’m a combination of everything I know, and consider myself a mesh of colors, I’m more art than I am poetics and if that itself is poetry then so be it. Intelligence? I don’t know the word, all I know is I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from each. Words are simply written pictures, but they hold no purpose without value, and I’m not one to take lightly. I give out pieces of me in everything I make and maybe there won’t be enough of me by the time this story ends, but what fun is easy? It’s intertwined into my soul, it’s what I am, and I’ll only tell you this once, never question it. If you want to learn of my secrets know writing doesn’t hide them, rather it brings them into the light. The skeletons in my closet are blended into my words. I’m a riddle, see if you can crack me. 🙈💫

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Noah and Angeline supposedly dated for two years. The two never confirmed their romance, but the evidence of them looking like a couple is damning.

Angeline is also an actor who has been in movies Step Up Revolution and Babysitter’s Black Book. She’s also had guest roles on Shameless and Happyland. It’s unknown how she and Noah met.

Unfortunately Noah and his To All The Boys I Loved Before co-star Lana Condor aren’t together.

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