The 5 Best Travel Photographers To Follow On Instagram

There’s not a travel photographer on this list that won’t make you want to pack your bags tonight and fly across the globe. Each one keeps the beauty of photography and nature alive. You can learn more about a place you’ve always wanted to visit from these photos. Not only will these photos show cities you know but you may even see a place you’ve never heard of.

Live through these artistic travel photographers for now. Soon, you will be taking notes on where to go and what to eat when you finally get to visit. Most importantly, you’ll know how to get the perfect shot of your dream destination! Here’s a list of 5 of the best travel photographers to follow on Instagram.

Alex In Wanderland (@alexinwanderland)

This New York native keeps a healthy glow from all the sunny places she’s explored. You can see Alexandra Baackes smiling in several posts.¬†From under the sea in Thailand to posing in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. Followers can’t help but keep up with her free-spirited nature. Yoga poses are also scattered throughout her vibrant travel photos.

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel)

Jack Morris keeps his feed full of consistently fresh photos from around the world. He also superbly captures the true nature of wildlife. It’s hard to believe some of the images are even real. You’ll have to keep up with where he dwells because it’s constantly changing. He makes friends with llamas in Peru one day and travels to Tapei the next. Morris has a partner in crime, @gypsea_lust worth following on Instagram as well.

Aggie Lal (@travel_inhershoes)

She’s originally from Los Angeles but she’s treaded a lot of land outside of the city. Her Instagram bio says: “LA-based free spirit who can’t get enough of adventure, good energy, avocados &puppies!” Doesn’t this sound like someone you’d want to be friends with? Not only are her travel photos aesthetically pleasing but her fashion sense adds to her free-flowing nature. You can see her living life in California all the way to Jordan.

Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Tara is a traveler with a taste for new places AND treats. She keeps her followers updated with breathtaking images. Tara captures her favorite things to do and eat in Morocco, Marakkech, Japan, and more. She knows how to get the right shot to showcase her experiences.

Alex Strohl (@AlexStrohl)

Strohl has a solid 2m following on Instagram. You’ll understand why once you scroll through his extensive feed of landscapes. Photography aims to tell a story through images. This goal has been successfully achieved through Strohl’s ability to capture the highest and deepest parts of the Earth. He was born in France but is Montana based. You can follow life through his eyes in both photography and film.

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