The 20 Times You Can Relate To Lili Reinhart’s Tweets

Lili Reinhart is an American actress originally from Cleveland, Ohio and at an early age, developed a passion for the performing arts. Reinhart took dance classes for 10 years and also performed in many local musicals before she signed with her first agency in Cleveland when she was 11. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 18.

The current 22-year-old’s popularity is booming since she first graced our screens as Betty Cooper on The CW’s Riverdale. It is stated that she is not only great at the role she plays in the CW’s hit drama, but also one of the most hilarious and relatable people in life, especially on Twitter. Reinhart’s favorite pastime is to create memes, and the girl is now even called the “Riverdale Meme Queen Of Twitter.” She also tackles the struggles everyone will face in everyday life like getting groceries or accidentally eating too much. Here is the list of her LOL-worthy tweets and memes to prove it.

No Time For TV? Pffft

Breath Problem Is A Problem In Every Occasion

What? Really? That Hurts

When You Need Groceries

When You’re Glad Get Groceries

When She Said What We Were All Thinking About Getting Pedicures

You Ready Sis?

It’s So Relatable

Come On, You’re Giving out Cookies Already!

When You Feel Like You’re Failing At Life

When You Don’t Have To Spend Money

Dogs > People, Obviously

Best Way To Start Your Vacation

When You Feel Like A Star

I Made An Oopsie

It’s Horrible To Be A Third Wheel

When You’re Told The Truth

Can’t Argue With That

The Last Slice Is Always The Best

How You Bond Over Hating People