6 Hangover Cures That Twitter Swears By

Twitter is either ground zero for trolls or fosters hilarious and interesting discussion. Most recently Twitter users shared their foolproof hangover cures that aren’t to just sleep it off or to keep drinking.

1. Soda

One user says that drinking a “big cold” Mexican Coke is their cure-all for being too hungover. Mexican Cokes are a bit different than regular shmegular Cokes because they’re made with cane sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup. If drinking coffee is your go-to cure maybe try a soda or Mexican Coke because the sugar and the caffeine will help take the edge off of any hangover.

2. “The Concoction”

Another user tweeted that their go-to hangover cure is an “everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato, red onion and bacon” they call this the “The Concoction.” Eating food during a hungover morning is just as important as hydrating. This bagel sandwich has it all, carbs, salt and protein.

3. Tomato Juice

A Twitter user tweeted that tomato juice is the “best hangover cure.” Tomato juice is like a full drinkable meal filled with vitamins, salt and hydration. Definitley chug one of these during your next hangover.

4. Orange Juice

One Twitter user wrote that nothing cures a hangover like a glass of OJ. The acid from the orange juice will help cure a hangover. The juice is a hydration station and is filled with potassium. Drink up!

5.Banana & Honey

Hangover hungover

Someone posted that bananas and honey is the ideal hangover cure. Obviously bananas are filled with potassium, which is necessary for subduing a hangover. On top of the potassium, this combination is filled with vitamins and sugars that will help cure your hangover.

6.Coconut Water & Pineapple

Hangover hungover

Another user posted that drinking coconut water with pineapple is their go-to cure. It’s unsure if you should put the pineapple in the coconut water or eat them separately. Either way, this combination is a savior. Coconut water is big on hydration and the pineapple provides sugar to help cure that killer hangover.

Happy drinking!

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