Cornell University Asks Students If They Are Privileged

Orientation is always a necessity for college newcomers to get familiar with their new school and learn information to run this new chapter of their lives.

However, some people at Cornell believe that asking the freshmen if they are considered “privileged” or not is an important message to deliver during its orientation period.

A packet that outlines social issues and designates certain demographics as privileged or oppressed in a “U.S. Context” was handed out, according to a copy provided to Campus Reform from a concerned student.

The document is split into three sections. The top left part is a list of 15 categories, including gender, gender identity, ethnicity or culture, and sexual orientation. The middle section is labeled as “Groups That Experience Privilege In The U.S. Context.” The top right section listed as “Groups That Are Marginalized Or Oppressed In The U.S. Context.”

Those who are white, male, in their 30s to 50s, “Western European” or users of “proper” English, are all considered privileged.

Oppressed groups include women, LGBTQ individuals, “people of color”, people who use “accented English” and those who are raised in the foster system, according to the document.

Cornell’s orientation┬áhas gotten its newcomers accustomed to the campus through mandatory and optional events. University spokesman John Carberry eventually responded this week, stated that Cornell “will not be participating or commenting on the issue,” as Campus Reform reported.

It was unclear who gave the students the packet.

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