Self-Care Sunday: Top 5 Useful Tips For Tackling This Week

Sundays may seem like one of the most dreaded days of the week because of the responsibilities that follow. However, Sundays can be the day you destress. You just had a never-ending week full of homework, studying, work, and other commitments. Your calendar and planner are ink-filled with scribbles and more to-dos. This is the time to stop! Stop what you’re doing and think about what your body is telling you.

Tips for self-care range from taking care of your physical health to nourishing your inner emotional state. Show yourself some love every now and then by taking note of what your body needs. We curated the perfect tips to help ground yourself in the now. Find which ones work best for you.

Here are 5 simple ways to make the most of your self-care Sunday.

Spa Treatments

Self-care starts from the outside to help you feel better on the inside. Setting up a time for a personal spa treatment is a simple way to take care of yourself. At home is less expensive and just as effective. However, having professional care also helps ease the tension. Relaxing the physical muscles relieves stress. Getting in the habit of relaxing your body is helpful for regulating your overall health. Making self-pampering a regular part of your routine helps with naturally maintaining stress levels. Try out a new exfoliating scrub and watch how it contributes to your peace of mind.

Alone Time

Whether you use this time to meditate, read, work on hobbies, or to just simply breathe. Alone time is important. Society makes time to yourself seem “lazy” or unproductive but it’s crucial for our well-being. Our bodies are constantly on the move. We often don’t realize the toll we’ve taken on ourselves until we have a breakdown. Take at least 5 or 10 minutes to relax your mind. Time away from your phone is also necessary to truly be away from overstimulation.



Isn’t it a good feeling when you sigh after uncontrollably laughing? Whether you read a favorite comic, watch a YouTube video of your favorite comedian, or connect with a friend. Find time in your day to laugh. It’s important to remind yourself of the good things in life that make you feel happy. You can even write down anything that made you smile throughout the day.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Weekends are for partying but they also should be for catching up on sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital for our emotional and physical well-being. In fact, it’s considered one of the major tips for self-care. The more sleep you get, the better you can handle stress. Being conscious of the importance helps you manage your time better, so you have a consistent sleep schedule. Power naps are also helpful. Just remember, don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of your beauty sleep!

Write it down

Physically writing out when you’re planning on relaxing is one of the key tips for self-care. Schedules change but this will help you remember to make time for it because you can see it. Self-care should be just as much of a priority as whatever else you have planned for the week. Even planning 5 or 10 minutes for mindfulness will help lower stress levels.

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