Beyonce & Jay Z Give $100K Scholarship To A Student

A night of care-free fun turned into a moment that would change this girl’s life.

Student Mikayla Lowry was attending the On the Run II concert with friends when the show took an unexpected turn for her. DJ Khaled suddenly appeared on stage to reveal that one lucky student would be awarded a $100,000 scholarship from Beyonce and Jay-Z. Lowry had no idea that she had been nominated for this opportunity. DJ Khaled proceeds to announce how extraordinary this student is and acknowledges her hard work.

Lowry is a member of the Boys & Girls Club, which is a national organization that provides after-school programs for young people. The club’s ambition is to help members to reach their full potential which they may have not been able to do because of financial difficulty. She is also BGCMP’s Torch Club president and Keystone vice president.

Lowry soon realized that DJ Khaled was describing her and began to look around in shock. In the video that was posted about the scholarship, it is uncertain what happens next, whether the famous couple appears on stage to gift the award to Lowry, but she did speak to the camera stating how grateful she was for the opportunity. “I’m shaking, thank you so much,” Lowry says in excitement.

The Shawn Carter Foundation and the BeyGOOD Initiative awarded Lowry a $100,000 scholarship and are planning on awarding more than one-million-dollars in scholarships within 11 cities. Lowry, who has been a member of the Boys & Girls club for more than 10 years now, was able to attend the concert for free with 19 other members.

Lowry is a Trevor Browne High School student and is dual-enrolled at Estrella Mountain Community College in Arizona and will graduate this year with an associate’s degree. She hopes to become a marine biologist and wants to pursue this major at Grand Canyon University or Northern Arizona University. Lowry will be the first in her family to attended college. She is an incredible student with a 3.7 GPA and has received top grades throughout her education. She has also worked in shelters and serving in soup kitchens, volunteering with the BGCMP’s Better to Give program. Lowry has now received the most significant scholarship ever for a member of the Boys & Girls Club.

Lowry had lost her father who was battling alcoholism, as well as three grandparents over the last few years. Her mother works two jobs so she can make enough money to provide for them and relies on sending her three children to the Boys & Girls Club to go to work. With these hardships at hand, Lowry never thought she would be able to go to college.

This is not the first scholarship that the famous duo had to give out. Beyonce’s BeyGood Initiative gave $100,000 to four Historically Black Colleges and Universities students through Beyoncé’s Homecoming Scholars Program. She had also partnered up with Google to provide $25,000 to four more students and started the Formation Scholars Award to help female students afford to go to college last year. Jay-Z has also founded a scholarship program to help students with tuition and other living expenses.

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