‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Arrested & Charged With Assault & Battery

Thomas Ravenel has been arrested in South Carolina for assault and battery. According to Page Six, the Bravo Southern Charm star was booked Tuesday, September 25 at 10:11 A.M. and was charged with assault and battery in the second degree.

In May 2018 Ravenel, 56, was accused of sexual assault from an incident from December 2015 and by his children’s former nanny. Ashley Perkins told Fox News that her mother Debbie Holloway Perkins was assaulted by Ravenel in 2015. They matched on Tinder in October and then in December, he asked her out on a date.

“[My mother] told me that he grabbed her by the wrist and held her down. He then proceeded to pull his penis out,” Ashely recounted the assault to Fox News. “She said no and then he shoved his fingers inside her vagina and later her anal area.”

Ashley said that in the middle of being assault she screamed “‘You’re a rapist!'” which triggered Ravenel to stop.

Her mother signed a non-disclosure agreement on June 1, 2016, but Ashely did not which is why she’s speaking out about the assault and not her mother. She told Us Weekly that seeing his face on Southern Charm promos encouraged her to speak out about the assault.


Soon after Ashley spoke out about her mother’s assault Ravenel’s children’s former nanny, Dawn Ledwell spoke out about her own sexual assault. She told DailyMail that Ravenel strangled her, ripped her clothes off and raped her. Dawn filed a report with the Charleston Police for rape in the first degree.

In August 2018 Ravenel announced that he will not be returning to the Bravo reality TV show.

It’s unknown if his arrest is linked with the report that Dawn filed.

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