The 10 Best Wellness Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

Scrolling through Instagram or any social media feed can make us feel drained. Mainly because we’re constantly being exposed to all the good things happening in people’s lives. This can lead to comparisons and lack of confidence. However, social media has also given us the power to share our knowledge. Not only our knowledge but also our interests.

Several bloggers are set out to help improve the well-being of others because they genuinely care. These lovely human beings are called “wellness Instagrammers” (or wellness bloggers). We’ve found the best wellness Instagram accounts to follow for that extra dose of motivation.


Jeannette Ogden is a health goddess. Not to mention her son, Elliot is gosh darn adorable. She has shared her new meditation practices with her son to help spread the healthy ways of dealing with emotions. Jennette is a firm believer in eating real food, meaning organic foods where you can taste the freshness. Her photos include colorful smoothies and perfectly shot plates of delicious meals. She also believes in self-acceptance, a key component to the confidence she strives for every day.


Rachel Mansfield is a recipe developer and food stylist. She will grace your feeds with unreal food recipes like chocolate chip banana apple bread and crispy dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Yum? It’s nearly impossible not to drool while scrolling through her food photos. The best part is each recipe is healthy, which means you can have as many as you want. Guilt-free and tasty? Sign me up. Check out Rachel’s blog with more food hacks, here.


This account puts the “Motivation” in “Motivation Monday”. This poet provides elegant and inspirational quotes and images that will have you referring to on rough days. You’ll look up the feed and then realize you can’t stop reading the quotes and poems. It’s the perfect feed to remind you of your inner strengths and beauty.


This nutrition consultant and chef serves as wellness inspiration for women of color. Her feed captures the natural state of the beautiful women she surrounds herself with. She also posts prompted reflection questions under the hashtag #BGIOMindful to get followers thinking.


This Washington, DC-based wellness warrior is all about promoting whole body wellness. Her blog, In My Bowl, is filled with healthy vegetarian recipes, advice for mothers and their babies, and wellness events. Her Instagram is the perfect balance between cute photos of her baby boy and delicious foods.


Yogis, this wellness Instagram account is for you! Especially, if you’re a wanderlust. Mary has travel photos of her meditating and doing yoga poses on some pretty large rocks. She continues to reach a wide audience with her feed as well as her global wellness retreats. Mary’s feed will leave you in the right state of mind.


This fitness blogger shows her progress through photos, but also uses her platform to allow other women to share their fitness journey. Remi Ishizuka was a 2018 Nominee Health&Wellness for the @ShortyAwards and 2018 @createcultivate 100 Health & Wellness. Follow her feed for smiles and life updates. You can also download her My Habit Tracker here.



You may not recognize the handle, but you’ll know the name of this next. This woman can do it all. She’s an American actress and singer. However, she is also known on Instagram as a lifestyle guru and food writer. Follow this account to learn about wellness trends as well as cool new recipes.


Wake up and scroll through Alex Elle’s feed to get you in the right headspace. Her feed will remind you that each day is a new day to start fresh. The inspirational quotes scattered throughout Alex’s feed are from her heart and mind.


This feed will make you want to eat more greens. Especially, when it involves avocado toast on a sprouted-flax waffle with an egg and chopped pickled onions. Basically, all of Sarah’s photos consist of avocados in some form with a splash of other delicious colorful foods.

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