The 10 Genius Recipes To Make In Your Dorm Today

College dorm meals often don’t measure up to a homecooked meal. Time and effort take a backseat to an instant meal. Not to mention, the college student budget relates to the food they choose. Dining hall food becomes a drag and suddenly, your taste buds forget what real food tastes like. Recipes to make in your doom can get repetitive when you only have so much in stock.

Sometimes, you’ll feel ambitious to follow a recipe for a new meal, but then you realize you don’t have all the ingredients. We’ve found 10 of our favorite recipes you can make in the comfort of your own dorm.

1. Quick Pasta and Chickpeas

The warmer months are upon us, which means soups are back in season. The flavor combinations of pasta, tomatoes, and chickpeas are underrated. This will become a weekly craving for dinner because it’s just too simple and soothes your senses. Recipe here.

2. Ramen Noodle Stir Fry With Chicken And Vegetables

Ramen noodles have been winning over the hearts of college students for years. However, we are showing you a heartier way than just eating plain ramen noodles. You can have fun experimenting with this quick recipe. Especially since ramen tastes good no matter how it’s prepared. Leave the chicken out or add different vegetables. Recipe here. Recipe here.

3. Single-Serve Microwave Shakshuka

Essentially, all you need is eggs and marinara sauce. Whether you have this for breakfast or “breakfast for dinner”, it will fill you up with up with new flavors. You can make this meal in five minutes…yes, just five minutes. Recipe here.

4. Lazy Day Mac and Cheese

This 3-ingredient meal is perfect for when you don’t feel like taking out a bunch of food to prepare a meal. Gooey cheese is the ultimate comfort food.  Not to mention, the one pot used for cooking will make cleaning up easier. Recipe here.

5. Homemade Spaghetti-ohs In A Mug

This tastes better than canned Spaghetti-ohs. All you need is macaroni, tomato paste sauce, and Colby Jack cheese. A quick recipe that hits the spot, it’s a win-win. Keep in this in mind next time you reach for your mug. Recipe here.

6. Pesto Chicken Mug Pasta

Bring out the mug again. This dorm room recipe calls for chicken. However, chicken is not always a priority on a college student’s grocery list. You can use deli meat because it’s dorm friendly. but you could also swap in something more dorm-friendly, like deli meat. Recipe here.

7. Risotto cups

Risotto may sound like a fancy meal you order at a restaurant. It is but it’s also making its way into your college dorm kitchen. Try using Arborio rice and just heat it in the microwave. You can add mushrooms, parmesan cheese, kale, etc. Find your favorite risotto recipe here. 

8. Waffle Pizza

Change up your pizza parties at the dorm. Use your waffle iron and try making a pizza crust! The best part about making your own pizza is you and your roommates can choose your own toppings. You could even have a mini pizza party with the roommates where everyone gets to pick a topping. Recipe here.

9. Taco In A Bag

Taco Bell may be your go-to but homemade tacos will satisfy your cravings. The best part about this quick recipe for your dorm is the cleanup. You won’t have any dishes to clean. Try this simple “taco” recipe to get your Mexican food fix. Recipe here.

10. Smashed White Bean and Kale Quesadillas

This quesadilla recipe will help you eat healthy when comfort foods are becoming too much of a routine. Try this crispy new take on quesadillas next time you want to go meatless. Recipe here.

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