Firefighter Ditches His Wedding To Go Battle A Fire

Imagine it’s your big day, your wedding day and right after you say “I do” and kiss your partner has to go run and fight a fire. As abnormal as that sounds, that was the reality for recently married couple Jeremy and Krista Bourasa.

Jeremy is an on-call firefighter from Cottage Grove, Minnesota and got married to Krista on September 1, 2018. The couple conveniently got married at his fire station and were in the middle of taking wedding photos when the alarm rang.

“At first I looked at him like, ‘No, don’t even think about it,’ and he wasn’t going to think about it,” Krista, 32, told People magazine. “But then, we were taking a couple more pictures and I could actually hear how bad the fire was. It was the city next to us that needed help, so it was an ‘all-call,’ where they call for extra men.”

“I could just see the look in his eyes when I turned to him, he was kind of torn, thinking of his family, and of the people in need of help,” Krista remembered. She told Jeremy to go and help put out the fire.

The wedding photographed snapped the moment Jeremy and his fellow firefighters left the station while the wedding party watched. Jeremy went on to help put out a powerful house fire.

“Jeremy’s super, super dedicated, so he’s always going to every call he can go to,” Krista said. “He also works as a mortgage loan processor, so he does that full-time. But there are times where he’ll leave and go to a fire or a call. It happens at least a couple of times a month.”

Krista was one of the reasons why Jeremy decided to become an on-call firefighter. SHe lost a niece and nephew to a house fire two years ago and before that her sister’s house burned down too. After these two incidents happened Jeremy applied to become a firefighter.

Jeremy returned a few hours later to party at his wedding.

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