The 5 Best Indie Magazines You Should Start Reading Today

The days of reading the morning newspaper with a cup of coffee are pretty much over. Social media feeds are the typical main source of news. The younger generation is pushing reading to this different platform.

The exposure of online magazines has been growing exponentially. Specifically, online indie magazines (“Independent”), meaning lesser-known niche magazines. There is no set style for an indie magazine. The content ranges from indie fashion magazines, indie women’s magazine’s, art magazines, music magazines, etc. Smaller publications are making their way onto the phones and laptops of young viewers globally.

The power of publication is literally in the hands of the youth. Read through this list to find the best 2018 independent magazines you’ve been missing out on.

Crybaby Zine

First on the list is a successful worldwide magazine. New Jersey native, Remi Riordan, is the creative genius behind Crybaby Zine. Her photography work may have been rejected by several publications but that didn’t stop Riordan from creating. As a matter of fact, this setback became a catalyst for her and her friends to create a new platform. She basically took her tears and turned them into art. Crybaby Zine was made a reality in late 2014. The themes of the online platform and bi-annual print publication showcase Riordan’s early love of fashion, art, and culture.

Majestic Disorder

The name of this next magazine resonates with the “there is beauty in chaos” saying. The twice-yearly magazine will unleash your wild side. The content is centered around stylish makers from across the world. Their culture infused Instagram has nearly 80k followers. Majestic Disorder brings people together through creative expression. This artistic freedom combines modern and ancient art.


Fashion is constantly pushing the boundaries. Creative expression through style is one way to showcase your authenticity. Wonderland has all of the pop culture, art, and new music updates. However, their main focus is fashion. Wonderland is a platform for all of the noisemakers in our modern society. This is the place to go for style inspiration.


This indie women’s magazine was number one on a Forbes 2018 list of indie magazines for “When your newsfeed’s in flames”Gentlewoman is a biannual magazine based in the UK. The covers feature fierce women like author Zadie Smith, to Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, to performer Beyoncé. This magazine aims to speak to the modern creatives. The fashion is focused on personal style. In-depth interviews paired with stunning photography lets you inside the minds of real women.

Women Artists

This indie magazine, printing annually, has been thriving since 2011. It features contemporary and historical female artists. Artistic inspiration is drawn from each issue. Women Artists supports women creating in all genres and mediums. This is a magazine that gives underrated women artists more exposure. The online and print issues give readers a chance to see art playing a part in ordinary people’s lives.

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