Top 10 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Cheating

Cheating is cheating whether it be physical or emotional. With both forms being so vastly different, detecting signs that your bae is emotionally having an affair with someone else may not be as easy to figure out as catching your partner in the act physically. With the signs not being quite as clear or out in the open, figuring out that your boo is stepping out on you emotionally may not be as out in the open as you like, but the signs are not as hard to figure out as you may think.

If your Spidey senses are tingling with the notion that your bae is stepping out on you emotionally, take a look at these 10 signs to look out for.

1. They Compare You To Others

Talking about your friends from time to time is perfectly reasonable, but if you notice that your partner is talking a bit too much about their friends or have started comparing you two, it could be a sign that they are taking their “friendly adoration” to an inappropriate level.

2. They Avoid Or Cut Down Your  Alone Time Together

A large component of having a healthy relationship is ensuring that you’re factoring in alone time with your partner and making sure that their needs are being met emotionally and physically. If you notice that your partner has been putting caps on your QT together or has been avoiding spending time with you alone altogether, it could be a sign that something else is going on.

3. They Get Super Defensive

When you have something to hide, eventually the pressure of keeping your secret on the DL is gonna start to take its toll and cause you to lash out or get super defensive. If you notice your partner is more on the defense than usual, it could be because the pressure of the cheating has become too big a secret to keep.

4. You Communicate Less Or Not At All

A drastic shift in communication with your partner(whether you’re talking less or barely at all), is a huge signal that there is a problem in your relationship and your partner may be emotionally cheating on you.

5. You’re Unaware Of Changes They Are Making

A red flag that your bae is emotionally cheating on you isn’t always visible, but once it comes to light, it can be equally as damaging. If you notice that your partner has stopped coming to you about things and you’re the last on the list to know about changes they are making, it could be a sign that they are running to someone else instead.

6. They Know A Bit Too Much

Talking a bit too much or about any and everything to the point where you’re oversharing is another clue that your partner could be having an emotional affair. If you notice that your partner has become extremely aware and points out very subtle details about a specific person, it could be a sign that their relationship isn’t just platonic.

7. They Guard Their Phone & Computer

Everyone knows that when it comes to signs that your partner is cheating whether it’s physical or emotional, an increase in phone/computer shadiness is a clear indicator that your partner may be stepping out on you. Secretive behavior, continually guarding your phone or computer, adding passwords or becoming defensive and angry about their phone/computer activity are all signs that your partner has something or someone to hide.

8. They Don’t Have Time For You

You know the saying, “People make time for what and who they want to make time for”? The same rings true in a relationship. Sure we all get busy and sometimes work, or other things will have us more preoccupied than usual, but if you notice a drastic change in your partner’s work schedule or you notice that they are blatantly blowing you off, it could be a sign that something else is going on.

9. They Put The Pressure On You To Change

Eventually, if your partner is emotionally checked out of the relationship, they will begin to express their frustrations and inadvertently reveal their true feelings eventually.  Pretty soon, they won’t be able to hold back their unhappiness and distress with you and may start to put pressure on you to shape up or risk shipping out. Putting the pressure on you to make rapid and drastic changes could be a sign that they are stepping out on you emotionally and urging you to make changes that are similar to the person they are more emotionally connected with.

10. You Notice A Disconnect

Intuition is very real so when you have that gut feeling that something is going on, on top of noticing an apparent disconnect from your partner, nine-times-out-of-ten what you’re seeing is not just all in your head.

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