The 10 Way To Make Money In College

We have all once held the status of being a “broke college student.” Let’s be honest, being a college student isn’t cheap.  Not only do you have tuition to pay for, but also for housing, books, supplies, and food along with it. By this point your bank account is looking pretty empty, leaving you in fear on how you will pay for all these new expenses. No need to worry though, there are numerous ways to earn some cash around campus without compromising your school work. Although there is an endless number of off-campus jobs, you could potentially get, you may not have a source of transportation to get off campus. Here are some easy opportunities to earn money on campus.

1. Become A Tutor

If you excel in a specific subject, there is a good chance there will be students that need a little extra help. There’s the option to create your own business and advertising yourself, or your school might even offer paid tutoring positions within their learning offices. Students are always looking for extra help and most of the time are willing to pay if that means it will help them pass their class!

2. Become A Resident Advisor

Becoming an RA is one of the simplest ways to save a lot of money for school. Most schools will offer free or highly discounted housing. Some schools will even provide meal stipends and tuition remissions. The housing can cost anywhere between $6,000 to over $16,000, so becoming an RA could save you thousands of dollars that you could invest in other school needs.

3. Work For Campus Security

Working for campus security is a relatively easy job that pays well. For most schools, it’s a matter of just walking around campus for your shift and making sure everything looks okay. You’ll always work in groups as well, so when it comes to working the night shift you won’t be alone! What’s great about working for campus security is they’ll be flexible with your class schedule so you can pick the times that best suit you.

4. Work For Campus IT

Every college student is going to have problems with their laptop. Whether it’s connecting to the school wifi or suddenly their computer has crashed, they need help. So if you have some high-tech knowledge and know computers well, this can be a perfect paying job.

5. Apply For Scholarships

Believe it or not, many students forgot that scholarships exist. Getting a scholarship can save you a good chunk of money for your tuition. Every school offers financial aid, but each school can have its own unique scholarships that could save you anywhere from $100 to $1,000. There’s also outside scholarships that your school might not offer, but a quick google search, and you can find many scholarships to apply for.

6. Become An On-Campus Barista

Almost every college will have a coffee shop located on campus. This can offer you simple employment without having to go far. You’ll most likely get paid minimum wage or even more including tips. It’s also a great way to see fellow students on campus since many of them will want their cup of coffee.

7. Write Resumes

Students are always looking for help with anything, especially when it comes to applying for jobs. Resumes can get confusing, and students stress on creating the perfect one. So if you have experience writing and reading resumes, you can make earn some cash by offering your services.

8. Sell Your Old Textbooks

So you spent $200 on the algebra textbook last semester that’s now going to sit in your closet to collect dust and never be used again. Now that your left with all your old textbooks, sell them! Students are continually looking for ways to buy cheaper textbooks. Sometimes your bookstore might even be sold out of that particular book! So this is where you swoop in and make money off those books you’ll never use again.

9. Sell Your Notes Or Study Guides

It may sound a little odd, but if you’re a good note taker then you can earn money off your own notes! There are tons of websites that will sell your notes to other students. You can make up to 85% commision off your notes. So if you make wicked study guides, consider selling them.

10. Become A Uber Or Lyft Driver

If you’re lucky enough to have your car with you on campus, then becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft can become the most comfortable job for you. If your school is in a popular town, or if there’s a favorite bar that all the students go to, then you can choose what hours you want to work and make money driving.

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