How Will Lebron James Affect L.A. Sports Fashion This Year?

Lebron James is more than a monster athlete who has been to the NBA Finals eight years in a row. He’s more than a player that can move a team from the bottom half of the NBA odds boards to win the NBA Finals to the fourth most likely to win it all immediately after signing with the team at betting sites like Bovada, you can place some action for the Lakers so check their review. Lebron James’ new contract will bring him to 387.2 million dollars in career earnings, which is more than Kobe and Jordan combined. But he is more than that as well. What is even more impressive than all of this is the fact that he is an economy in and of himself.

The Economy of LA-Bron

According to Fortune Magazine and a 2017 economics study by Harvard Lebron James will do more than just increase jersey sales in Los Angeles over the next few years. The study shows that Lebron’s presence drastically increases economy within a mile of his home arenas. Specifically, the number of restaurants increase by 12.8% and the number of other food and beverage establishments such as bars increase by 13.7%. Moreover, there tends to be a 23.5% employment bump around King James.

So what does this mean for the City of L.A.? According to the same model, there will be a financial boom within in mile from the Staples Center. Somewhere to the tune of 3,000 new jobs and a local impact of just barely under 400 million dollars over five years. The would bring a state tax revenue increase over that same period to just under 30 million dollars.

He is also a brilliant boon for the Lakers as ticket prices for opening day have jumped from $60 to $545. Season ticket prices were hiked up almost immediately after Lebron signed with L.A. The increase expanded from $3499 to $5800 and of course Lakers merchandise jumped as well. Fanatics, a jersey retailer has seen a 600% increase in sales.

Sports Fashion

The most likely effect of Lebron James presence to the world of sports fashion is the fact that we likely see almost everyone sporting a James Laker jersey. The direct-to-consumer jersey retailer showed the 600% spike in pre-orders just three hours after Lebron’s departure to L.A. was announced. This number is going against his jersey sales after the announcement that he would be leaving the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. So this is a situation where it is Lebron vs. Lebron but in a vastly bigger marketplace. The Los Angeles Lakers not only have a bigger retail presence in the United States (No. 1) they have a larger international presence as well.

Los Angeles also has one of the most loyal fan-bases in the NBA. Lebron’s jersey sales broke records at Fanatics, resulting in the most sales for a traded player ever in a single day.

However, it won’t just be limited to jerseys. Lebron has a great partner in Nike, and he recently unveiled his Lebron 16s at Harlem’s Fashion Row. He also has a propensity to show up in a tailored suit with shorts. Will Lebron start a new business style where we’ll see execs prowling the streets of LA in ‘Short Suits’? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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