Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Getting Married and One Thing is for sure – there’s a lot we don’t know!

Since being discovered on YouTube way back in 2008, Justin Bieber’s music career has gone from strength to strength and he has remained a heartthrob for admirers – sorry, Beliebers – throughout. But Bieber doesn’t rely on a distant fandom for romance. His recent engagement to model Hailey Baldwin has been seen by many not as his sweeping her away in a film-like romantic gesture, but as the dramatic and a rather sudden end to an up-and-down relationship lasting many years – with another woman.

The wedding

It seems Selena Gomez is finally out of the picture. Jelena is no more so it’s time to knuckle down to the details of the upcoming wedding of… Balder? Well, what few details we can find anyway. If you thought the internet nearly melted when Bieber proposed, just wait till you see what it’s doing now. This event is shrouded in so much mystery… and, therefore, so much speculation.

Where and when?

Some are saying the couple obtained a New York wedding license in September. Those expire within 60 days, which must mean the wedding will be soon, right? Sure! If they want to do it in New York. However, Bieber recently bought a house in his native Canada – for a cool £3.9m – and he and Baldwin took a trip around the country. Plus Baldwin recently made a wistful statement that “having [the wedding] in the woods would be so beautiful“. So, it’s got to be Canada, no?

Not necessarily! Balder has also been spotted spying on a British couple’s wedding on the romantic Amalfi Coast, leading to increasing speculation that a European wedding is on the cards. Meanwhile, other sources are saying the West Coast. It seems we’re back at square one.

Who will be there?


Family, for sure: recent Instagram posts and tweets from Bieber’s father sparked rumors that JB Junior was about to become a father. Probably not, although those posts made it very clear the family are close.

But when people ask who the guests will be, what they’re really asking is, “Will Selena be there?” Real life’s ‘Ross and Rachel’ had a pretty tumultuous relationship from the moment rumours began to stir in 2010 until they attended couple’s therapy in 2017. Gomez certainly seemed to go particularly social-media silent for a while, but it turns out she sent him a letter of congrats after all – so perhaps she’ll get an invite.

So, what can we be sure of?


On a serious note, with devout words like Bieber’s in his Instagram announcement of the engagement, it’s hard to believe the actual ceremony wouldn’t be conducted by a preacher. We also know Hailey has chosen a designer (but not who) and some of her bridesmaids (family – which friends is still anyone’s guess).

What we can be certain of, though, is a drool-worthy Instagram stream of all the things diehard celeb followers dream of, luxury honeymoon and lengthy spiel included. And dress designers watch out: with a highly influential model bride, a new trend in wedding dresses is on the horizon.

All in all, with so much uncertainty and even rumors the couple are already officially married and even pregnant, the only thing we can really assume is that this wedding will be one of the biggest events of a year. But, for now, we can’t even say for sure which year.

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