Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty’s Full Holiday Collection Has Been Announced & It’s Amazing



The holidays are fast approaching and for beauty fans everywhere that means your favorite beauty lines will be dropping exclusive holiday products and sets. Rihanna‘s makeup line Fenty Beauty announced their Chill Owt holiday collection and it doesn’t disappoint. The collection was posted on Sephora and it has a combination of new products and fan favorite sets.


Sephora also dropped the names and prices of the products. The line will be available on Sephora on October 12. Find out every product that’s in the Fenty Beauty holiday collection drop.

Two Lil Mattemoiselles – Chill Owt Edition


For the Fenty Beauty holiday collection Rihanna shrunk two classic Mattemoiselle shades into mini lipsticks. The duo features Griselda (bold burgundy) and Spanked (dusty rose).

Mini Fairy Bomb


Rihanna brought back her summer limited edition Fairy Bomb for the holiday collection. The only difference is the mini holiday collection Fairy Bomb comes in a Candy Sparks, an iridescent pink, while the summer Fairy Bomb was a rose gold.

Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon

$39 Each

Rihanna’s Chill Owt collection features brand new Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon. The versatile crayons come in sets of three. There are three different sets with cheeky names that match the chilly collection

Frost Hunny features warm colors Sunfrost (coppery orange), Ice Dunes (bronzey gold) and Pretty Penny (pink copper). Frost Money has cool toned colors $lu$h Fund (icy silvery blue), Igloo Bloo (frosty royal blue) and Smokin’ Purp (metallic light purple). Finally, Frost Bunny has shades Banana Frost (golden yellow), Parka Princess (peachy pink) and Guava Mint (bronze).

Mattemoiselle 10/10


The Fenty Beauty holiday collection also features a special 10 Mattemoiselle set. The set has 10 full-size matte lipsticks in 10 new shades. The 10 shades are Violet Fury (vivid violet), Pumpkin Rose (rich marigold), Flamingo Acid (bright berry), Dragon Mami (tropical papaya), I Quit (true mink), F’n Black (navy black), Turks & Caicos (deep teal), Ballerina Blackout (loud bubblegum), Thicc (sultry mauve) and Tiger Tini (exotic orange) The set is $180 value but is being sold for $149.

Match Stix By The Dozen


The holiday collection also features a Match Stix set. The set comes with 12 mini shimmer Match Stixs. Five of the shades are fan favorites and seven are brand new shades. The five fan favorite shades are Confetti (iridescent opal), Starstruck (iced-out pearl), Blonde (glimmering gold), Yacht Lyfe (glimmering peach-pink) and Ridiiic (golden papaya)

The seven new shades are Bordeaux Brat (radiant berry), Champagne Heist (glittering champagne), Pink Lemonade (glimmering pink), Hibi$Cu$ (shimmering grapefruit), Beach Bum (radiant peach), Cognac (gilded chestnut) and Platinum Pearl (iced-out platinum).

Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette


The Chill Owt collection features a Killawatt Foil palette. The palette has seven new shades. The shades are Subzero (supercharged iridescent blue), Stone Cold (supercharged icy pink), Chillz (supercharged iridescent baby blue shimmer), Heart Burn (metallic plum shimmer), Coppin Ice (supercharged copper), Hunny Slope (metallic pumpkin shimmer) and Scandal’ice (supercharged iridescent lilac shimmer).

Frosted Metal Lipstick

$36 Each

The Chill Owt collection has two Frosted Metal Lipstick sets. Each set has three frosted lipsticks. The Snow Daze set has warm hues and features shades Cuffing Season, What’s Your Numb’a and So Chilli. The second set Snow Nights has cooler tones and features colors No Chill, Frost Sauce and Fog Snog.

Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set


The Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set rounds out the holiday collection. The set features seven loose metallic pigments that can be used all over on eyes, cheeks and lips. The seven shades are February (metallic violet), Cleopatra (metallic green-gold), Foxy (metallic terracotta), Raspberry Rave (metallic berry), Brain Freeze (metallic gunmetal), Ice Cream (metallic gold) and Glacier Gang (metallic blue).

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