Rattlesnake Attack Leaves 17 Year Old High School Student On Crutches

Darren Hudson, a 17-year-old student at Steele High School, was sent to the hospital after a rattlesnake bite. The event occurred on October 5 during school hours. Hudson opened a school door to walk outside, but his walk was cut short when the snake struck immediately after opening the door.

In an interview with News 4, Hudson said, “It felt like someone just stapled my Achilles. PE was almost over. I was about to walk out. I opened the door just slightly, and at first, it was hard to move. The second I stepped out, I felt something tag my Achilles. ”

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Where Was Darren Hudson Bit?

He was unsure of what had attacked him. He looked down to see a snake flying off of his leg. Hudson later discovered that a small rattlesnake bit him.

After the bite, he was rushed to a hospital where his foot began to swell.

He is now at home recovering on crutches.

On October 7, Local news reporter for WOAI & KABB released a picture of the rattlesnake on social media.

Snakes In Schools


The number of snake attacks are increasing in San Antonio, Texas. A few weeks ago a staff member at another San Antonio school was bitten by a snake.

News 4 took a visit to the Snake Farm on October 7 to get an explanation for the rise in snake attacks. It is likely due to recent rainfall and the time of year.

Jarrod Forthman from the Snake Farm said, “everything is just perfect for snakes right now. The population is booming. Snakes are out on the move.”

A spokesperson from the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD provided the following statement:

Dear Parents and Community Members,

A student at Byron P. Steele High School was bitten by a small rattlesnake around 10:20 this morning in a breezeway just outside of the gymnasium. Coaches in the area immediately killed the snake to avoid danger to others in the area while the student was transported to the hospital for evaluation and possible treatment. The professionalism and quick actions of our staff was exceptional throughout the occurrence.

Recent rains, coupled with ongoing construction in the area adjacent to the school is encroaching on the habitat of nearby wildlife, causing some animals to venture in and around the campus perimeter, out of their normal surroundings.

SCUC ISD maintenance has inspected the area and will treat it as necessary. A snake fence at Steele was originally installed in 2012, and replaced in 2015. The snake fence is also inspected monthly by the district’s pest control contractor. The most recent inspection took place yesterday.

The campus groundskeeper also inspects the outdoor areas daily to monitor the possible intrusion of snakes and other wildlife. We ask students and staff to inform a school official immediately should they encounter a snake or some other type of wildlife in the area.

As always, the safety and security of all SCUC ISD students and staff is of the utmost importance. The district is constantly reviewing our procedures and precautions to minimize these chance encounters between human and animal as well as all other safety protocols.

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