Dumped ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Calls Colton Underwood “Weird” On Snapchat

","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Yikes! She needs to spill more tea. She “dumped” Colton and he’s weird and the other contestants are crazy! What’s also crazy is that 18 of the 25 contestants have leaked.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"},{"text":"The Bachelor Colton Underwood Contestants: Spoilers & Photos","level":3,"displayType":"header"}]}]; var articleType = 'ARTICLE'; var favoriteImage = ''; var articleDescription = 'Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor is currently filming, but already spoilers are flowing. Of course, Bachelor franchise spoiler king, Reality Steve, has all the tea. How he does it? Who knows, but we aren’t complaining.'; var slide_index = parseInt(0); var slide_json = createSlides(slides, articleType, favoriteImage); var initial_slide = slide_index; var initial_url = location.pathname + location.search; var base_url = '/2018/10/08/dumped-bachelor-contestants-calls-colton-underwood-weird-on-snapchat/'; var next_gallery = '/2014/11/18/ugly-christmas-sweaters-photos-xmas-gifts/'; var first_load = true; var has_scrolled = false; var title = "Dumped ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Calls Colton Underwood “Weird” On Snapchat"; var path = base_url