Lady Gaga Shares The Emotional True Story Behind The Last Scene Of ‘A Star Is Born’

First off, If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born yet what are you waiting for? Second, there are spoilers below and trust me you don’t want to spoil this movie for yourself.

The final scene of the movie is undoubtedly the saddest and most heartbreaking scene of the movie. It shows Ally (Lady Gaga) singing “I’ll Never Love Again,” a love song written by her recently late husband Jackson (Bradley Cooper).

Ally is performing for a crowd of people and at brief moments it flashes back to intimates moment between Ally and Jackson. At the end, Jackson finishes the song and the rest is a literal blur because you should be sobbing uncontrollably at this point.

Gaga recently sat down with Apple Music to talk about filming that emotionally raw final scene and song. Turns out she had a personal death on the day of filming which allowed her to be so raw while filming that last iconic scene.

She reveals that while filming she got a phone call that her best friend and manager of Haus of Gaga, Sonja Durham, was dying. Durham was battling stage four breast, brain and lung cancer and at the time Gaga didn’t tell anyone on set that her friend was going through this.

But when she got the call that her friend wasn’t doing well she got in her car and drove to her.

“So I left the set,” she recounted. “I didn’t, I can’t believe, I didn’t stop to see Bradley. I just got in my car and started driving. I missed her by 10 minutes.”

“I laid with her and her husband, her stepson and her dogs for a little while,” Gaga continued. “And then I looked at her husband, her widower, in the eyes and I said, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ and he said, ‘You have to do what Sonja would want you to do.'”

“She gave me a tragic gift that day and I took it with me and I went back to set and I sang that song for Jackson and for her.” Gaga said she sang “I’ll Never Love Again” within an hour of Sonja passing.

She went on to say Bradley was super understanding that day and told her she doesn’t have to do too many takes. But instead of taking it easy Gaga told him all she wants to do is sing.

“I remember that after one take he took the monitor and brought it to me and showed me what is the last frame of the film and he said to me, ‘this is going to be the last frame of this movie.'”

Now we are crying all over again.

Watch the full clip below.

A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga tells the heartbreaking story behind shooting the final song in A Star is Born.Watch an extended piece of the emotional interview with Zane Lowe. See the film in theaters today and pre-order on iTunes

Posted by Apple TV on Saturday, October 6, 2018

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