9 Reasons Why Fall Birthdays Are The Best Birthdays

It’s no secret that fall is far superior to the other three seasons. Those of us who have been so lucky to be born in late September, October or November don’t think we are better than you, we just know our birthdays are better than yours. If your birthday isn’t during the fall we definitely feel for you, but we wouldn’t trade places for the world. Here are nine reasons why fall birthdays are the best birthdays.

1. There are no gift-giving holidays during the fall.

Sure, we may have to share the season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season, but there are no holidays during the fall where people give each other gifts. Fall birthdays are just in time to receive birthday gifts without competing with Christmas presents.

2. There are fun major holidays in the fall.

Fall birthdays are sandwiched between the fun times of summer and the wonderful times of the winter holidays. Just when summer ends, the fun of birthday celebrations and fall begins, only to run right into all the winter festivities. For people with fall birthdays, life can be a one-stop fun shop for nearly half of the year!

3. Fall wardrobe = best wardrobe.

The hot, humid and sweaty summer weather is gone and the cool and crisp fall weather has arrived. Gone are the days of makeup melting off of your face or sweat stains ruining your clothes. Hello, leggings, boots, scarves and sweaters. The fall wardrobe sits right between hot summer clothes and bulky winter clothes resulting in the perfect, cute and cozy outfits for birthday celebrations.

4. You can celebrate with more people.

Thanks to everyone having gone on their vacations during the summer months, people with fall birthdays have more freedom to celebrate with everyone they love. Parties and celebrations may have to wait until Friday, Saturday or Sunday since people have work or school, but that’s a small price to pay. Plus, the weekend nights are the best anyway.

5. Bonfires and costume parties are a thing.

No other season’s birthdays can quite pull off the bonfire or costume party quite like fall birthdays can. Halloween costumes aren’t just for children and adults need a place to wear their costumes. It’s a win-win for everyone when someone has a fall birthday.

6. Fall birthdays receive the best presents.

With stores entering Christmas-mode earlier and earlier each year, people with fall birthdays continue to get higher quality presents. Since the items being stocked are technically stocked to be sold as holiday presents, the gift-givers for the people with fall birthdays have a much larger selection to choose from. That’s another win-win situation for everyone when someone has a fall birthday.

7. Candy, candy, candy!

Much like the presents when stores enter Christmas-mode, the candy situation is always best during the Fall as stores are in both Halloween-mode and Christmas-mode. People with Fall birthdays also get to take advantage of all of the half-priced Halloween candy on November 1st.

8. Fall babies are more athletic and they live longer.

According to a study completed by the University of Chicago, people born during the fall months tend to be more athletic and are more likely to see their 100th birthdays. Though these babies may get sick more than those born throughout the other seasons, they have strong hearts and live longer. So, not only are fall birthdays the best, but people born during the fall are more likely to have many, many birthdays.

9. Many celebrities have fall birthdays.

Just to name a few; Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Ellen Pompeo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Kimmel. These are only a fraction of the A-List celebrities with fall birthdays.