Former Teacher’s Paying Off Student Loans Rap Video Goes Viral

Student loans might be the worst part about college…other than the random roommates, constant homework and dining hall food. Getting a college degree is challenging enough without having to worry about paying off loans in a few years. Business Insider released a 10-step plan to pay off loan debt. While there are many tips to handling debt, a former middle school teacher from Louisiana released an amazing song about paying off student loans.

Dee-1, a rapper hailing from the Green Bay area, performed his viral hit “Sallie Mae Back,” for high schools on September 26. The 29-year old released the song back in 2016 and it has garnered over 1 million views. Dee-1 (David Augustine) raps about real-life topics, but the song has been a highlight of his musical career.

Inspirations Behind Songs

In an interview with Green Bay Press-Gazette Dee-1 said, “I rap about my reality, and for me student loan debt was something I faced with since the day I graduated college. Millions of Americans can relate to that, and the new American dream, unfortunately, is getting out of debt.”

The rapper likes to start discussions and rap about things nobody has rapped about.

He went on to say, “a much-needed conversation about personal finance and financial literacy in this country. I got to chime in with my thoughts about the rising cost of education but also about our spending habits.”

Advice For Students

Dee-1 wants students to talk about finances before they become a problem. He believes in making a budget and keeping track of spending habits.

His best piece of advice is, “I wouldn’t take out more in student loans than what you expect your starting salary to be. Let’s say you come out making $40-45,000 a year, I wouldn’t go to school and accumulate $100,000 of student loans.”

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