The 10 Types Of College Professors Who Will Make Or Break You

College life is often one of the most memorable time in one’s life. All college students experience remarkable, unusual, and heartbreaking moments during college time. There are potentials to make life-long friends, explore what you want to do for life and gain professional knowledge through lectures. Besides all of that, you are also about to encounter the varied, fascinating species that dominate the college landscape: The professors.

Colleges and Universities are places that attract brilliant, diverse and often strange people. Professors are the people who devote their careers to knowledge and research, people who find their respective academic subjects–from religious studies to biochemistry–so fascinating that they are willing to dive in for many years studying them. The professors you meet are very important to your college experiences. Interesting, most people have a love/ hate relationship with their professors. Here’s a list of the different professors you will have in college.

The Absent-Minded One

You might have many professors who are passionate, focused and inspiring. But I guarantee you that there will be at least one professor who is brilliant and articulate when it comes to his or her research topic, and kind of a mess when it comes to everything else. The absent-minded professor will give fascinating lectures but it’s inevitable to notice that he/ she REALLY needs a haircut. Or the professor is able to keep track of a complex line of research, while keeps missing his or her keys.


When you have this type of professor, you might end up knowing more about their personal lives than you want to. Although it’s important to learn whatever subject, at least what happened to them on daily basis is more interesting–probably.

The Accent

They are so passionate, they are always kind and willing to solve any problems you have with the subject, but it will be 10 times better if you can actually understand what they are saying. They talk and talk on and on, but you just can’t tell exactly what each word is. Hopefully, you will get them two months later after getting used to the accent.

The Comedian Wanna-Be

90 percent of this professor’s class are jokes, and they are so lame that you even feel embarrassed for them. This type of professor pokes jokes at their subjects and about themselves, too. Sometimes they nailed it, but when they don’t, the whole class just becomes super awkward.

The Best

They will be your favorite professors not only because they are amazing at what they teach, but also because they are some of the nicest people you’ve ever met on campus. You can even go to them for personal problems, and they won’t judge.

The Hotty

What’s the most efficient way to attract students? The professor who’s hot. College life is not complete until you found a professor who you all have a crush on and giggle about. You might even compete to be his or her favorite student.

The good part is you will never miss their class, but the worse part is that you might not actually focus on the subject content but just their faces.

The PowerPoint Reader

Honestly, you don’t really have to go to those professors’ lectures but just study the PowerPoint they shared with the class. Because all they do is read the PowerPoint, word by word.

Let’s hope the tests will also be “fill in the blanks.”

The Snooze

The course you’re taking with them probably sounds great and interesting, in theory, but as soon as these professors open their mouth, you will be sent to a daze that will make the one hour feel like years while fighting with your eyelids.

Professor Binns, we’re looking at you.

The Snob

Want to feel like an idiot? Take a class with these professors! They’re always right. Want to pitch in an idea or voice some thoughts you have about class? Don’t do it because what they appreciate isn’t creativity, what they appreciate is your ability to do things exactly as they do.

The Laidback

They show up late, forget about homework and tests, and have never given you the syllabus. These professors have accomplished a great feat: They have managed to care less than you do. If you want to learn, you gotta be the Hermione of your class.