The 10 Best Meme Inspired Halloween Costumes 2018

Let everyone know you’ve kept up with all the memes by becoming one. 2018 meme Halloween costumes are a chance to show how much time you’ve spent online. This will also help you see how cultured your friends are in the way of viral memes.

You could go back into your feeds to search the best memes 2018 has blessed us with. Why not just check out this list of all the meme highlights? They’re all easy enough to turn into a Halloween costume.

1. Moth and lamp

This costume is the peak of outlandish memes from 2018. The true irony lies in how humans, like moths, will flock to the light where everyone else is. In this case, the light happens to be the bandwagon that is the moth and lamp meme duo. The moth and lamp were inseparable throughout September. ~This meme would be a unique couples’ costume.

2. Mason Ramsey

The Walmart yodeling kid is famous for more than his meme now, but we can look back on his rise to fame for Halloween costume ideas. The simple getup he wore for his aisle rendition of Hank Williams’s “Lovesick Blues” is easy to pull off. All you need is a white button-down, a red bow tie, a statement belt, and, of course, a pair of cowboy boots. Warm up those pipes just in case you’re asked to do yodeling.

3. The FBI Agent In Your Computer

Keep Halloween simple with an FBI jacket, which you can find several places. Make sure you also have some nice, dark aviator sunglasses to add to your mysterious look. You can also throw in some internet absurdity by using a cardboard laptop to put your face through or wear a headset and microphone. Finally, look into your phone or laptop’s camera and say to your FBI agent, “Is this a good costume?”

4. “Is This A Pigeon?”

The screenshot from anime series The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird reached meme status in no time. The “is this a pigeon” memes are satire at it’s finest. As far as replicating the character’s look goes, all you need is some fake glasses and a  fake butterfly companion for an accessory. Have fun bringing this anime meme to life.

5. Squinting Woman

This costume is convenient because you can wear clothes you’d actually wear in public. Especially If you can’t see yourself wearing a furry moth costume or a giant lamp that covers your face. Clear heels, a black camisole, black ripped pants, and a pink blazer make up the clothes for this realistic meme costume. Finish off the look with some gold hoop earrings and pink-tinted sunglasses. Make sure you stop and squint really hard every now and then.

6. But That’s None of My Business

Best Meme Halloween Costumes


What’s not to love about the innocently happy Kermit The Frog? The internet decided to add it’s offbeat humor to Kermit, turning him into a more judgemental and passive aggressive puppet. Iconic, nonetheless. This memorable meme Halloween costume involves a full-body Kermit costume. The costume wouldn’t be complete without a round glass bistro Tea Mug and Lipton Tea, of course. It’s your job to spill the tea (not literally) at any Halloween parties you attend.

7. “This is Fine”

Many are familiar with this meme, which shows a dog trying to assure himself that everything is fine — despite sitting in a room that is engulfed in flames. It depicts the reality of life at times. You know, those moments when you try to tell yourself everything is fine even though you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown? The artful meme has been around for a while and has continuously made its way onto our feeds in times of great stress. Get crafty by using construction paper.

8. Arthur’s fist

Arthur leads the pack of nostalgic Nickelodeon cartoons with his first meme. He deserves to be noticed at all the Halloween parties. The reaction image is used to describe various infuriating or frustrating circumstances. Embrace your inner childhood TV show character with a fist clench.

9. Sad Howdy Boy

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This melancholy meme is great for a costume because it requires little effort. Find or buy a yellow t-shirt. Paint a sad face on it. You can also just print out a large image of the sad face and sad cowboy emojis. Wear a cowboy hat. Also recommended, playing“Space Cowboy” while you get ready.

10. Super Bowl Selfie Kid

Most people remember halftime shows for the legendary performers. However, the 2018 Superbowl halftime show is remembered for its meme moment. We’re talking about the kid who took a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the halftime show. Put on a grey football or athletic hoodie. Find a bunch of lanyards to wear and you’re done. This costume may not get you as recognized as some of the others but it won’t cost you much at all.

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