High School Secretly Serves Students Kangaroo Meat For Lunch

Remember the good old days of receiving suspicious mystery food at the school cafeteria? It was a time of thrill, tasting the unknown because your parents didn’t want to give you a few dollars to eat from the vending machine. Well, at least you weren’t secretly served kangaroo meat. It’s official, cafeteria food just hit a new level of weird.

Students were unknowingly served kangaroo meat at a high school in Nebraska’s Potter-Dix district on October 10. The school has 87 students grades 7 through 12. It is unknown how many students consumed the meal that contained the kangaroo meat.

Undisclosed Meal Item

The head cook, Kevin Frei, purchased the meat to mix into beef chili. According to a letter posted to Facebook on October 17, Frei added the meat because of its nutritional value and because it is a lean meat. It was also noted that the meat was purchased from Sysco, the United States’ Number 1 distributor of food to school cafeterias. Meat is only eligible to be sold if it meets the USDA standards, which this kangaroo meat met.

In an interview with Omaha World-Herald, superintendent Mike Williams stated that Frei no longer works for Potter-Dix Public Schools.

Reports Of Illness

Girl not feeling well


KSID radio received several complaints from parents after not being informed of the decision to serve kangaroo meat. One parent, who chose to remain anonymous, said that her two teenage sons had become sick after eating the lunch. One felt ill for over two days. Superintendent Williams addressed this matter in the previously mentioned post but declined to comment on whether or not the student’s sickness stemmed from eating the meat.

The parent said that they want to be told what their children will be fed and emphasized that Potter-Dix is an amazing school, but they don’t want to be blindsided.

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