College Student Punished For Wearing Crop Top At Gym

Going to the gym makes you feel great, no, seriously, it makes you feel great because of endorphins. While working out can be euphoric, the gym scene can be utterly discouraging. Whether it be the person screaming through their set, singing through their elliptical session or the general sausage fest vibe, gyms can be a scary place to be. One pro of going to the gym is the ability to wear athletic gear, but what happens when the gym staff comes up and scolds you for your outfit?

Kylee Graham attends the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. The 22-year-old went to her University’s gym when she got reprimanded for wearing a crop top. Staff at the gym claimed she violated the school dress code.


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In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Graham said that she was confronted by staff at the UPEI Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre on October 9. She was wearing black pants with a black crop top that showed part of her abdomen. Staff went as far as to pull out a binder that said the dress code prohibited sports bras, open-backed shirts, and low-cut shirts.

According to INSIDER the post said, “I told her this isn’t a sports bra as you couldn’t even see my belly button (but even if it was so what!!! I’ll get to this later), and they said ‘okay you’re fine for today but in the future even wearing a see-through shirt over top would suffice. Abs are not sexual, a back is not sexual, breasts are not sexual unless the woman wants them to be sexual, stop sexualizing women’s bodies doing mundane things and let them live their lives in peace.”

The UPEI Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre handbook states that “Tops/shirts should cover the ribcage.”

A Change Of Mind

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After finishing her workout, Graham left but was stopped by the staff member. The staff member said that she changed her mind and that the crop top was fine to wear. A confused Graham then asked what isn’t allowed and the staff told her that only sports bras are banned. This is because it shows abs and cleavage.

Staff went on to say that the gym was attempting to find a medium so women could workout with men without being distracting with their clothes.

Campus Apologizes…Kinda

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The student publication The Cadre┬árevealed that the Athletics and Recreation department knew of Graham’s post and wanted to apologize to her.

Graham informed INSIDER that a representative had called her but when she called back there was no answer. A representative will call her back.

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