Most Luxurious & Expensive Celeb Homes

Ever imagined living in a mansion that has your own golf and tennis courts? What would it feel to see peacocks and swans walk around your backyard? It really happens to celebrities who are paid a ton and make use of their money to live a breathtaking and unique life in a magnificent home that is totally different from the houses that we live in.

Some of the celebrities possess the most expensive homes in the world and these houses are equipped with everything that can be needed and more than you can imagine living a comfortable and wealthy life. Here are the 20 most expensive homes the celebrities are willing to drop their millions on.

Kendall Jenner $8.55 Million

Kendall Jenner purchased this $8.55 million Beverly Hills house in 2017. The 6,625-square-feet Spanish style home is located in Mulholland Estates that once belonged to Charlie Sheen, according to Bazaar. The house features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, tennis court, theater and spa. Another plus is Christina Aguilera is also her neighbor.

Adele $9.5 Million

The British singer has purchased a family home that’s about 6,600 square feet in Beverly Hills, California. She decided upon a child-friendly house that features a treehouse and an outside pool. The whole place costs her $9.5 million. Her neighbors are Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Ozzy Osbourne $10 Million

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne, also known as The Prince of Darkness, is a famous singer and songwriter. His house that locates in Hidden Hills, California is approximately 10,953 square feet and it features a swimming pool, 10 bathrooms, six bedrooms and other amenities that can be found in a home that costs $10 million.

Taylor Swift $17.7 Million

According to Game of Glam, Taylor actually paid for this mansion in cash. She named this place Providence, and it’s right next to the ocean in Long Island, New York. The entire home has a big swimming pool and five acres of land around it. Oprah and Katie Holmes both have properties near her house as well.

Will Smith $20 Million

The American actor’s house is located in Calabasas, California, which costs $20 million. The house contains a lake, golf course, basketball and tennis courts. And guess how big the home is? Well, it’s huge enough to have its own zip code.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West $20 Million

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West bought their Hidden Hills, California, mansion for $20 million in 2014, and have allegedly spent an additional $20 million in renovations, according to TMZ. The three-acre, eight-bedroom property includes eight fireplaces, two pools, a vineyard, a full music lab, and, of course, lots of closet space.

According to Insider, the estate is now said to be valued at $60 million.

Lady Gaga $23 Million

Lady Gaga bought a mansion in Malibu that cost around $23 million in 2014. The six-acre estate has ocean views, a gym, a two-lane bowling alley, a home theater, game room, and an 800-bottle wine cellar. It also boasts stables and a dressage ring, a saltwater swimming pool, a guest cottage, and a bocce ball court.

Arnold Schwarzenegger $23.5 Million

Schwarzenegger is first known as his roles in action movies then as California’s governor. His home has also made as one of the most expensive celebrity homes. The whole place is 14,500 square feet and costs $23.5 million, which locates in Brentwood County, California. The house also features all the required amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Jennifer Lopez $28 Million

Despite being on the market for $40 million, Jennifer Lopez purchased this 14,000 square feet Bel Air mansion for a mere $28 million in 2016. The 7-bedroom, 13-bathroom home was designed and built by famed architect Samuel Marx in 1940. The place features 10 carved wood or stone fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and a vaulted ceiling in the main living room, a downstairs pub, a 30-seat screening room, and a stone-accented kitchen topped with skylights.

The outside is just as spectacular, thanks to two guesthouses, a terrace with infinity pool, a 100-seat amphitheater, a vineyard and organic vegetable garden, a man-made swimming pond with beach, a pagoda with a fire pit, and a mini-golf course.

Christie Brinkley $30 Million

Brinkley is a famous supermodel who possesses a mansion that is located in Long Island, New York. The mansion costs $30 million as it consists of a 50 feet observation deck, 9 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms and other amenities that make her live a luxurious life.


Jerry Seinfeld $32 Million

Seinfeld is an actor, standup comedian and television producer who has a mansion that costs $32 million and is located in The Hamptons, New York. There are many facilities that can be found in that mansion such as a swimming pool, baseball field, guesthouse and a garage that is large enough for keeping up to 22 cars. Twenty, two, cars.

Billy Joel $35 Million

Joel is a famous pianist and composer whose home is located in La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, Florida and costs $35 million. The entire house is 20,838 square feet and features many amenities such as a 4-car garage, wine cellar, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, patio, pier and a boat slip.

Ryan Seacrest $49 Million

TV personality Ryan Seacrest bought a sprawling compound in Beverly Hills from celebrity couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi for $37 million in May. The nine-bedroom property features a 9,200-square-feet main residence, a pool, and separate guesthouses. DeGeneres had put together the compound by buying up and combining neighboring properties. The home had previously been listed for $49 million.

Hugh Hefner $54 Million

The late founder of Playboy and editor-in-chief of the magazine, who was also a playboy himself. His house, the “Playboy Mansion,” is probably one of the most famous luxury homes in the entire world. It has 20,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and it was built in 1927 in an English Manor style. It is placed in the Holmby Hills area in California. Inside is everything you could ever dream of – a tennis court, gym, catering kitchen, a zoo and a wine cellar.

Hefner passed away on September 27, 2017, at the age of 91.

Tiger Woods $54.4 Million

Tiger Woods’ estate in Florida is on Jupiter Island, which boasts one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, according to Architectural Digest. Naturally, the 12-acre property comes with its own 3.5-acre golf course, as well as a tennis court, oxygen therapy room, full gym, wine cellar, game room, media room, and two boat docks.

While he shelled out about $44.4 million for the estate, he reportedly invested another $15 million in renovations.

Tom Cruise $59 Million

Tom Cruise’s mansion in Telluride, Colorado, is the home spans a whopping 298 acres and includes forest trails, sprawling hills, and horse riding stables. It also has its own private helipad, without which Cruise’s hundreds of acres of land would most likely be impossible to navigate.

The 10,000 square foot home has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a custom library, rec room, and a separate guest house.

Oprah Winfrey $85 Million

Oprah is one of the most famous characters not just in the United States, but in the whole world thanks to her successful talk show that started running in 1986 and is watched by many people in different areas around the world. Her home that costs $85 million is located in Montecito, California and it features many amenities such as six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, movie cinema, garden, teahouse and a lake that is dedicated to her unique collection of fish. A good and generous character like her deserves more than that.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z $88 Million

The power couple, whose combined worth Forbes put at $1.16 billion, purchased a modern mansion in Bel Air for around $88 million, which includes a full spa, a media room, and four outdoor swimming pools. The property also includes a basketball court, a 15-car garage, and staff housing.

Bill Gates $147.5 Million

He is not just the founder of one of the most profitable and successful companies in the world which is Microsoft, but he is also the richest one in the whole world so why does not he possess one of the most expensive homes?

His home is located in Medina, Washington and costs $147.5 million. There are many amenities that can be found in this home such as a swimming pool, bowling alley, a magnificent library, a state-wide server system and there is a non-traditional pin that is given to the visitors to wear as this pin is used for changing the temperature of the home, the lighting and music.

Aaron Spelling $150 Million

This insanely successful TV producer started building this 56,000 square feet giant back in 1988. When people talk about it, they call it The Manor, and it actually has its own Wikipedia page. Not to mention that it is right on top of the list of most expensive homes.

This place covers 4.6 acres and costs $12 million to build from the ground up. It is designed in a French chateau style.

Spelling passed away in this home in 2006, at age 83, and it was bought by one of the daughters of Bernie Ecclestone. Still, whoever owns it, it will always be called “Spelling’s Manor.”

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