Student Falls Overboard… After Being Served 30 Drinks On Cruise

Cruises, otherwise known as vessels for endless food and fun, are becoming increasingly popular. According to Travel Agent Central, 27.2 million people will go on cruises in 2018, which breaks the previously set record of 25.8 million. Cruises are on the rise because of the many amenities offered aboard, such as endless ocean views, workouts, daily entertainment, and the ability to explore multiple cities on a budget. While there are endless reasons to book a budget cruise, Business Insider provides ten horror stories that’ll make you want to book a flight instead.

On December 22, 2016, a 22-year-old student fell overboard after being overserved.

What Happened?

A group of friends clinking their drinks

Nathaniel Skokan, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, went overboard from the 12th-floor deck of the Independence of the Seas before 2 a.m. on the last night of a six-day family cruise. The Skokan’s booked the short-lived vacation to escape stress after Lisa Skokan, Nathaniel’s mother, lost both her mom and sister in early 2016.

On the night of his death, Nathaniel was hanging out with passengers he met on the cruise. The group made their way to the exterior 12th-floor deck when one passenger jokingly suggested the group should jump overboard. In fun, Nathaniel pretended to throw himself on the handrail, but when he went to sit on the rail he lost his balance and fell off the side.

The passengers immediately notified cruise personnel of Nathaniel’s fall but failed to take action.

Skokan’s Vs. Cruise

Courtroom Court


The Skokan’s have taken legal action against Royal Caribbean. They allege that the cruise line was negligent because they overserved Nathaniel. This includes over 30 ounces of alcohol. Twelve hours before his death, Nathaniel drank six full-sized martinis, seven vodkas, two vodkas mixed with Red Bull, and one cognac. His Blood alcohol level was at least 0.256.

The cruise line also failed to react in a timely manner after being notified of Nathaniel’s fall. The line did not lower rescue boats until two hours later, Rescue Team 2 was not deployed until an hour and a half after Rescue team 1, and no additional use of search-and-rescue techniques were used.

The Skokan family were forced to stay inside their cabin with a security guard outside the cabin door. A jury trial is scheduled to begin November 13, 2018.

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