9 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s face it, Halloween might be the most stressful holiday. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving where relatives interrogate you about life plans, but Halloween is worse. You have to respond to Facebook party invites, interact with fellow humans dressed as fictional characters or inanimate objects, spend hard-earned money on candy you won’t eat and somehow put an original costume together. To make Halloween 2018 a little easier, we’ve put together a list of easy, last-minute costume ideas.

Bank Robber

Ever dreamed of committing a bank heist but you don’t want the jail time and guilt? Be a fake criminal for a night with this simple clothes ensemble. All it takes is a striped white and black or plain black t-shirt, black shorts or jeans, a beanie and eye mask!


It might be Fall but why not be a Summer fruit? All you need is a yellow dress or t-shirt and a headband with green spikes.

Bread Winner

We all know you’re the breadwinner in the family so why not show it off? Pick up a loaf of bread at the grocery store, a simple t-shirt, and use a medal you’ve won at home or get a cheap one from the store.

Cereal Killer

Need to be that punny person this year? Get a white t-shirt, stick-on letters, and a variety box of cereal.


Woman dressed as a hippie


Feel like a good throwback costume? Dress like a hippie. Good news is you can’t go wrong with what you wear. Get a fringe vest, simple white or tye-dye t-shirt, bell bottom jeans, and retro glasses.


Girls in costumes


It’s a Halloween classic. Wear that black dress that’s been sitting in your closet for years and find a pointy hat. There’s nothing easier than the witch.


Release your inner powers and be a superhero for a night. All you need is a superhero t-shirt from your local Target or Walmart and a pair of pants.


Girl in unicorn onesie


Magical creatures do exist, at least on Halloween they do. Either purchase a unicorn onesie or wear all white and get creative with a gold headband.


Save lives for a night and dress like a lifeguard. It might be a challenge to find a t-shirt with “Lifeguard” on it, but you can always purchase a white t-shirt and add the letters. All you need after the shirt is a pair of red shorts and white sneakers.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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