This Woman’s Horrifying Eyelash Extension Story Will Make You Think Twice About Getting A Pair

Megan Rixson walked into the salon thinking she was going to get some beautiful eyelash extensions. But instead, she left with very swollen eyes. Rixson told BuzzFeed News she went to a local salon to get her lashes done on October 19.

But things instantly went downhill. “When she was doing the first one my eyes were stinging lots,” Rixson said. “But she said, don’t worry it’s normal, and told me to hold my eye open.”

“It was burning so much my eyes were naturally closing, but she kept telling me to hold them open. After she was done, I sat up on the bed and couldn’t open them. I said, this isn’t normal, but she kept saying it was.”

In the end, Rixson had significant swelling and redness. Her eyes wouldn’t stop watering, and she even lost her sight for some time. Rixson believes that the salon maybe used nail glue on her eyes instead of eyelash glue.

Two hours after receiving the eyelash extensions, Rixson decided to go to a walk-in clinic and was able to get an eyewash treatment and eye drops.

“My eyes are recovering well, still very sensitive. Occasionally the left eye blurs, and both are a tiny bit sore but are getting better every day,” she said.

The Dangers Of Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become extremely popular within the past year. Some beauty influencers will promote the procedure and encourage viewers to get it, but many don’t realize how dangerous it actually is.

Many need to be careful since there is a lack of regulation for the procedure, which means it’s easy to go somewhere that doesn’t do it safely.

Dr. Samuel D. Pierce, an optometrist and president of the American Optometric Association, told BuzzFeed News numerous things can go wrong with eyelash extensions.

“They have the potential to cause redness, irritation, and inflammation that can cause conjunctivitis or pink eye from trapped foreign particles,” he said.

These can then turn into an ulcer, which can become infected can could cause vision loss, sometimes even permanently.

woman crying with swollen eyes

Twitter Megan Rixson

Another issue is some people like to pick out the extensions, which will cause their natural lashes to come out too.

“You end up having the absolute opposite of what you set out for,” he said.

Pierce said that if you experience any redness or discomfort after getting your eyelashes done, don’t hesitate to go see an optometrist. This can also go for any other procedures like eyelash tinting or bedazzling.

“My first bit of advice would make sure you always carry out a glue test. And second of all ask the beautician what glue they use to ask to see it,” said Rixson.

If you really want to give your lashes a boost, just find a good mascara to do the trick.

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