Generation Z Is Turning Towards YouTube Instead Of College

Ask any teen or preteen what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll typically get answers like, pro athlete, doctor, and firefighter. However, there is a fairly new answer popping up in the youth’s minds. Younger people are beginning to seriously look into youtube career paths and opportunities. YouTube has only been around for 13 years since it was created in 2005. YouTubers that started out back then typically weren’t making videos to make a career out of it.

Why Is A YouTube Career So Popular?

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With YouTube stars like Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, making more than $12 million a year playing video games on their YouTube channel, it’s no surprise that kids think it’s the sweetest job. Most of the time these YouTubers don’t even have to leave their house to do their work. Just look at the spunky 13-year-old ASMR YouTuber “Life With Mak”. She started a YouTube channel at a young age while still attending school and has become the newest internet sensation.

A recent survey by British firm First Choice revealed that 34 percent of kids age 6-17 would like to be a YouTube personality, while one in five wished to start their own channel. If you have what it takes to become a youtube personality, you may even become a viral meme like Makenna aka “Life With Mak” did over the past year.

How Hard Is It To Maintain A YouTube Channel?

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The reality of having a YouTube career is it’s just as much work as most other jobs. Creativity and self-management are at the forefront of Youtubers’ day-to-day executions. From coming up with ideas to writing, shooting, and editing, an estimated 50 hours a week can be spent working on a YouTube channel. According to NBC News, Noah Taitano and Ryan Burton, aka Noah Boat and Rhino, of YouTube channel “Love Live Serve” say they spend about over 50 hours a week working on their YouTube channel.

Is YouTube a Sustainable Career?

YouTube Career or College?


A YouTuber’s lifespan isn’t forever. This is also partly due to keeping the interest of viewers. Noah Taitano and Ryan Burton are aware of the importance of keeping a good work ethic and being smart about the content they create because fans can fall out and unsubscribe any time they get bored.

Students should be aware of the business side of YouTube. Getting paid loads and having millions of subscribers usually doesn’t happen right away. It takes dedication and a willingness to grow and scale a YouTube channel once you’ve created it. It’s crucial to understand all the aspects of having a business centered around a YouTube channel. Especially, when Youtubers’ are essentially their own boss.

Damien Salas, Assistant Dean of Drexel University’s Entrepreneurship Programs, said he doesn’t see a career on YouTube as a passing fad; in fact, he sees it as a legitimate business, but still believes a college degree is necessary.

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