The Most Googled Halloween Costumes Of 2018 & How To DIY

Do you want to achieve ultimate #squadgoals with your Halloween crew, but still cannot agree on who to be? Looking for a last minute costume? It’s always a good idea to check-in with Google to see what’s trending, even if you want to be a hipster and ensure you are avoiding what the mainstream is wearing this Halloween. Thankfully, Google is here to save the day by letting the world know what costume looks and ideas are recycling from prior years, which ones are unique to 2018, and ultimately the outfits you will see everywhere. And College Candy is here to say that the results might surprise you. Not only that, but we have a style-guide on how you can re-create these costumes on a budget by making a D.I.Y version with items you already own in your closet.

The Google News Initiative said in its trend report, “With Frightgeist, we went on a hunt to find the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018“. Frightgeist used Google Trends to pull the US’s top 500 costume searches including platforms like Lyst and Pinterest to help searchers conjure up a costume. The top nation-wide result went to Fortnite, an online video game. New Yorker writer, Nick Paumgarten wrote about the gamer obsession, “In terms of fervor, compulsive behavior, and parental non-comprehension, the Fortnite craze has elements of Beatlemania, the opioid crisis, and the ingestion of Tide Pods.” Therefore, the game’s popularity reflects that it is the obvious candidate for the number one trending costume on Google. The gamer look is most popular in cities like McAllen Texas, Eureka California, Montgomery Alabama, Steubenville Ohio, Casper Wyoming, which is pretty outstanding considering 4% of the Halloween costume searches are comprised of the video game category.

However, the top trending costume was not necessarily reflected by every state. In Vermont, they’re looking up ideas for monster costumes; Alaska’s top result is mermaids, which hopefully they are also looking up mermaid blankets too. Then unicorns are the most popular in Utah and Idaho as opposed to their 3rd choice. Also, Twitter reports the unicorn costume seems to be the go-to look if you want a furry friend mini-me.

Other favorite costumes include clown with IT making waves for the second year, The Incredibles (most likely due to the recent long-awaited sequel), mouse, ninja, doll, Batman, zombies, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and the 1980s is not only making an influence on fashion, but also on Halloween costumes in 2018.

Without further ado here are the top 10 trending 2018 costumes according to Google.


This costume is projected to be influenced by the royal fever this year due to Duchess Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie’s recent weddings. What better way to rock this royal costume trend than by dusting off the old formal, prom, bridesmaid/wedding guest dresses? It’s a great way to have a reason to wear those dresses again because most likely they have not been worn since the dance, prom, or wedding.


Pull out the craft bin and channel Regina George! This look is classic and is perfect if you are short on cash and time. All that is needed is a headband, felt for the bunny ears, pipe cleaners/wire (to attach the ears), and a giant, fluffy cotton ball for the tail. Whether achieving the Hipster or Plastic look, feel free to wear whatever other streetwear clothing of your choosing with these DIY accessories.

And if Space Jam Lola Bunny is your rabbit of choice follow this tutorial:


Your fall thigh-high boots will do the trick, with a headscarf, hoop earring, striped flowy pants/jeans, brown vest, white, blousy shirt, and all the gold costume jewelry you own.


Now I know this is a super general category. However, Marvel, Disney, and DC provide a lot of options if you want to replicate a specific superhero look, i.e., Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredibles, Black Panther and any of the Avengers or members of the Justice League.

Going for more of a generic Superman, Supergirl, or a create-your-own superhero costume? Follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Leggings/Tights
  • Biker shorts/athletic shorts/skirt
  • A piece of fabric leftover from your last craft project, or see if your design student friend has extra they want to give away/if you happen to have one of those capes people win at a theme park carnival games.
  • Plain T-shirt with your favorite super hero’s decal, which you can purchase and download from Etsy and laminate on your shirt with contact paper.

Harley Quinn

This hardcore, looney, hilarious, drop-dead gorgeous villainess is making another comeback this year, because c’mon, how can you not have a mad, nostalgic love for this DC queen? Plus who doesn’t want to look like Margo Robbie? I am just saying.

Want to copy this wild card’s look? Check out these videos!


No matter if it’s a Supreme or Sanderson Sisters influence, wearing all black is essential if you want to achieve the ultimate witchy look.

You’ll also need:

  • Black ankle boots
  • Black fishnets
  • Don’t forget the broom & the black pointy hat if you have one!


Thanks to Jurassic World dinosaurs still rule. Makeup mavens that are looking for a more affordable route try out this makeup tutorial and look.

If not there’s this dynamite dino costume on Amazon.

Shop Now: Inflatable T-rex Dinosaur Costume Cosplay Dress, $25.99-$54.99.


  • Wear all the highlighter and unicorn-inspired make-up you own!

Check out this tutorial for more inspiration:

Want to add to this look?

  • Be sure to wear all rainbow clothing items!


How does one weave this look together?

Wear a pre-designed Spiderman T-shirt, or DIY it with a red and blue T-shirt with an ironed-on spider decal T-shirt. Then pair it with red or blue leggings and a Spiderman party mask on Amazon.

Going for a more authentic look? Opt for the spandex from head to toe with this costume also found on Amazon.


Purchase a Fortnite mask with a color coordinated T-shirt and leggings if you are looking for a last minute option.

Shop Now:Oside Drift Blue Mask, $23.99

However, if you are a Cosplay-worthy costume designer expert check out these YouTube tutorials show you how to make an authentic Fornite costume that will make all your gamer friends jealous.

And if all else fails, take a note from Disney Bound and follow the character’s color scheme for any of these costume ideas for a streetwear look.

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