Florida Teacher Gives Special Needs Student A Wedgie — DETAILS

We all remember the good old days of getting bullied by peers in grade school, right? The swirlies, wedgies, and rejection from the “cool kid” table will haunt kids for life, but teachers are starting to scar children, too. The good ole days are still going on, at least in Florida. A teacher’s aide gave a special needs student a wedgie in front of the class on September 12, 2018.

The incident occurred at Mount Vernon Elementary School in St. Petersburg, Florida. 25-year-old teacher aide Dominique Diamond Armstrong is facing the possibility of being fired after her latest use of excessive force.

Previous Violations

Empty school classroom


Armstrong was accused of excessive force four times since being hired in March 2017. A week after allegedly giving a student a wedgie Armstrong told an assistant principal that she would not be doing anything that day.

The first incident came less than a month after she was hired, the second being in March 2018 for inappropriately grabbing a student by the shirt, and the third for forcibly removing a student from the school bus on September 5, 2018. Armstrong then received a written notice that her behavior was wrong and was forced to attend training.

The wedgie event occurred when Armstrong pulled the boy’s underwear up and told the class to look at the boy who has a wedgie. The unnamed boy became distraught, left the room and turned over a table in the courtyard.


According to Tampa Bay Times, Armstrong violated six of the School Board’s policies, which included failure to perform duties of the position, inappropriate or disparaging remarks to or about students or exposing a student to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement, failure to correct performance deficiencies, insubordination, misconduct and failure to comply with board policy.

Armstrong denied that the incident occurred.

A report provided by Daily Caller shows that the teacher aide reported to work but refused to do her job responsibilities then refused to leave work after being asked to leave.

The Pinellas County School Board voted to fire Armstrong on October 23.

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