This Viral Photo Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Sideways Is Fake

Last week the internet went into shock when a photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito incorrectly was posted. Bieber was sitting on a park bench in a pink hoodie, sunglasses and beanie eating a burrito sideways like corn on the cob.

My new Halloween costume is Justin Bieber eating a sideways burrito in the park

— Chloe Bryan (@chloebryan) October 25, 2018

Is this Justin Bieber's first burrito? Because this doesn’t look right.

— Eater (@Eater) October 25, 2018

Is @justinbieber the only one in this world that eats a #burrito sideways? 🤔

— The World (@World) October 26, 2018

The way Justin Bieber is eating this burrito will haunt me for the rest of my life.

— reilly martin (@reilly_grace) October 25, 2018

You can’t trust anyone who eats their burritos like this 🌯 #JustinBieber

— Jason Oliveira (@JasonOliveiraTV) October 26, 2018

Well turns out everyone got played because the photo is fake and that’s not Bieber. A company called Yes Theory took credit in a Youtube video for the viral photo. They hired a Justin Bieber lookalike, flew him out to Los Angeles and staged the viral photo.

The Bieber lookalike is Brad Sousa who went viral in 2017 for looking like Bieber. He doesn’t just look like Bieber, Sousa is also Canadian like Bieber.

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The guys even FaceTimed Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager, during the prank. Braun knew right away that the photo was fake because he knows what Bieber looks like. He just didn’t know who was responsible for the viral picture, until Yes Theory’s manager contacted him on Instagram.

Yes Theory claimed the prank on YouTube. The YouTubers posted a video of them creating the viral photo to prove that it’s fake. The guys behind the channel found Sousa on Instagram and flew him out to Los Angeles.

They then brainstormed what weird things they were going to make Sousa do and they thought of many viral ideas but the burrito idea stuck. Next step was making Sousa look more like Bieber. He had to wear long sleeves and pants to cover the tattoos Bieber has, go wig shopping and then clothes shopping.

The first viral idea was to get Sousa, dressed as Bieber, to help an elderly woman, who they hired, cross the street. Then the second idea was the burrito photo. They then posted it on Redditt and it soon took off.

Watch the full video below:

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