Logan Paul Gave His First Interview Since The Suicide Forest & People Are Not Happy

Logan Paul interview with The Hollywood Reporter was published on Wednesday, making it his first proper interview since the Japenese Suicide Forest video. In December 2017 Paul posted a video of him and his friends finding a dead body, which died by apparent suicide, on to YouTube. They not only filmed the body, but they get very close to the dead person and make jokes about it.

The world basically declared his career to be over and he was subsequently canceled. But talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul declares that he is the only one capable of ending his career.


“Good luck trying to cancel me,” he said. “It’s so easy for anyone to be like, ‘Loan Paul just ended his career, he’s done.’ But the only person who will ever decide whether that’s true is me.”

Paul broke down what happened behind the scenes while filming the controversial and distasteful video.

“My first feeling was just dis-f**king-belief,” Paul said.

“I should have felt empathy,” Paul continued. “I should have been like, ‘Hey, this is wrong. Let’s not do what we’re doing.'”

It’s kind of amazing that he didn’t feel empathy for a suicide victim and didn’t initially think it was wrong to film the person, get close to his body and then make jokes about it.


He had reservations about posting the video but ultimately decided to share the video on YouTube. He told The Hollywood Reporter he only realized that he “really f**ked up” when his phone blew up with messages from his family and friends.

Then the internet, fans, celebrities and called Paul out for his problematic video and behavior. Specifically, Aaron Paul, from Breaking Bad, sent out a tweet calling Paul “pure trash” and telling him to “rot in hell.”


Paul told The Hollywood Reporter that the tweet was a “stab in the back” because the two know each other.

“He came up to me at whatever event we were at, shook my hand, patted me on the back, ‘Dude, love what you’re doing,'” Paul said, “Then this shit happens, and Aaron Paul is telling me to go to hell? I’m like, ‘You told me you were my boy when we met! It was all good! We have the same publicist!'”

He told the outlet that he had close friends call him a “sociopath” and that he hated the backlash.

“I was so used to people liking me,” Paul exclaimed. “But being hated? I hate it. I hate being hated!”

Paul said that after the controversy he realized he not only needed to fix the situation but fix himself. His next move is creating a podcast called “Impaulsive.”

Paul is clearly ready to be back in the limelight, but MANY other people are not ready. The replies to The Hollywood Reporters‘ tweets about their Paul story are savage.

People still view Paul as the man who filmed a dead body and then posted it on the internet without thinking twice.


There are very few replies supporting Paul’s resurgent. Do you think Paul is still canceled? Comment below.

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