Secrets of Happy Relationships

Imagine that a man and a woman are separated by 7 steps. So, you have to take your seven steps and stop. If a partner doesn’t meet you there, then don’t take the eighth step – you’ll have to do the ninth, the tenth and so on all your life. Everyone should take their own 7 steps to have a strong and happy relationship. And here they are. (More information can be found on the Ukrainian brides dating website.)

Decide on your goal

If you are going to live life together, you will have to go one way. Both of you must be sure that a partner will not give up in a couple of years. How is this determined? You must know what your soulmate wants from life and from you. Make sure that you dream about the same thing and plan one road. You have to frankly talk about it but it will help you in the future. If you disagree with something, don’t panic. Openly say what you like and don’t like. This is very important in a relationship. Thus, your partner can change the behavior so that you feel comfortable and focus on things that bring you pleasure.

Now you are the team

Yes, yes, partners and one team. You are the one whole that can live happily only if both of you will make an effort every day. You should build your team. Talk to a soulmate and listen to him/her. Everything a partner says is important. He/she will share life with you and you have to share yours. You live together and change, it is also worth bearing in mind.


Relationships are built on trust. You are close people now. Trust your partner and be honest. Forget about lies and misunderstandings, be as frank as possible. You will see that it will make you feel comfortable and peaceful. If you have conflicts, you need to solve them immediately. Maximally shorten the time when one of you is offended. Get rid of the negative as soon as possible. Make peace and find out everything here and now. And forget about control. In a confidential relationship, you must give your loved one freedom.  

Recognize your mistakes and keep silent if you were right

Don’t focus on partner’s mistakes. He or she will understand what and how to do next time. It’s better to forget what it was if you had already solved the problem. It is a bad idea to re-discuss and remind this. Your words will be unpleasant and leave even more sediment. Why do you need it? Your partner already loves and respects you. You’re a team! Haven’t you forgotten?

Resign with partner’s shortcomings

Remember that you too have shortcomings. Yes, yes, you are far from an angel. And your soulmate accepts this.

We get what we give

It is applicable both in relationships and in any sphere of life. Don’t just ask but model your behavior. Be a good example for a partner. Do you want to get a massage? Start giving it first. After that, your request to give a return massage will be quite appropriate. Do you want he/she gets rid of a few pounds? A partner will not become better while you are eating pizza in front of him/her. Behave as you want your soulmate behaves.

Have sex

And more often you have it, the better. Sex unites very much. It is very bad when a couple doesn’t want it.  Think and frankly tell yourself whether everything is good in this matter. And is your soulmate also happy? Are you sure? This is a way of communication. It is important and necessary for any couple. Conversations after sex are what ordinary people do. This is a moment of intimacy when you can talk on any topic and trust each other even more than usual. In a normal relationship, there must necessarily be sex and attraction to each other. This is the key to success. Good constant sex also reminds you that you are devoted to each other and that you want each other.

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