Uber Pro: New Rewards Program Offers To Pay College Tuition

Uber is a concept that we all wish we’d thought of sooner. Maybe if we thought of Uber we’d be able to not stress about college payments. Uber and college go hand-in-hand. You go out to a house party, drink a little too much then realize it’s 2AM and time to go home, what do you do? You call an Uber! After hopefully putting in the right address, you get home nice and safe. Simple ideas lead to billion dollar companies.

Uber took one step further in merging the idea of college and ride-sharing apps together by announcing Uber Pro.

Uber Pro

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Uber Pro is a new program that offers to pay the cost of college tuition for its top drivers or their families. The program, released on November 1, 2018, gives drivers multiple perks that include drivers receiving cash back on fuel purchases by using an Uber Visa Debit Card and discounted car maintenance costs at approved shops.

While the new rewards program may seem great it has its setbacks. The free tuition only applies to the cost of online classes taken through Arizona State University, one of the best, accredited public universities in the United States. Free tuition can be transferred to a family member, but the company will only cover the cost for one person.

How To Become Uber Pro

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The program has a tiered reward system where drivers collect points that can be redeemed for offers by completing trips. The driver will also have to complete rides to remain in their current tier, which helps encourage regular rides. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Uber said that it’s possible to hit Uber Pro status by driving less than 30 hours per week.

Only drivers maintaining a 4.85 rating are eligible to be in the rewards program. Falling below 4.75 will remove them from the program. Uber Pro first launches in Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, New Jersey, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, and Denver. Uber Pro will spread to more cities in the future.

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