How To Throw The Perfect Friendsgiving Party

The holidays can be a lot especially if you’re not that tight with your family or can’t take time off to go home. But don’t worry that is why Friendsgiving exists. Spending the thankful holiday with your besties has so many pros. For starters, you won’t have to have those mindless conversations with your family members about your dating life and work.

Throwing Friendsgiving isn’t the same as a regular party. There is a whole feast that must be prepared, decorations to be made and then some. Find out all the tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect Friendsgiving party below.

Make It A Potluck

Thanksgiving dinner with turet, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans on a plate


Making Friendsgiving NOT a potluck is a rookie mistake. You want this holiday to be less stress and cheap. Paying to feed your friends and planning out all the dishes is too much work and will definitely dampen the holiday spirit. Make a list of all the dishes you need for the Friendsgiving feast and send it your friends. This way there won’t be multiple dishes of the same thing and no one will show up empty-handed. Don’t forget to ask your friends if they have allergies or food restrictions and make it clear on the list of what can and can’t be used!

If you’re nervous about making a turkey buy a ham or chicken instead!


Pink alcoholic thanksgiving drinks with fruit floating in the cups


Alcohol costs A LOT, so supplying an entire party with alcohol for an entire night will cost you a pretty penny. Making Friendsgiving BYOB is the easiest thing to do. If you’re feeling extra nice you can create an alcoholic punch but encourage your friends to bring other refreshments if they plan on getting properly intoxicated.

Punches are the easiest way to mask low-grade alcohol. Chop up some fruit, buy some cranberry juice and some cheap vodka and you’re all set. No one will complain because it’s free alcohol.


fall colored candles surrounded by pumpkins and gourds


Throwing Friendsgiving doesn’t just mean tons of food and friends, it also means you have to decorate. A party without decorations is not a party. If you’re grown enough to through a Friendsgiving you’re grown enough to throw up some Thanksgiving decor.

Ask your friends if they want to help you create decorations or put them up. Take a trip to your local craft store and stock up on Thanksgiving inspired crafts. By some leaf garland and wrap it around string lights to put up over your home. You can’t go wrong with some fall colored balloons to put around your house. If you have a ton of glass jars at home you can fill those up with acorns, mini pumpkins or candles to place on your Friendsgiving table. Get creative with your decor!

If you’re not crafty you can buy some fall colored flowers, pumpkins and gourds to put around your home. To further set the mood, buy some fall scented candles!

Don’t forget to buy enough decorations for the centerpiece on your table.¬†

Killer Playlist

Friends listening to music in a coffee shop


Music is a major part of any party. People like to jump over Thanksgiving especially in music. There are tons of Halloween songs and Christmas songs, but Thanksgiving gets left in the dust. But don’t worry because we created the perfect Thanksgiving inspired playlist for you.

But if Thanksgiving tunes aren’t your thing and you want a modern Friendsgiving playlist don’t fret. Create a playlist and share it with your¬†guests so they can add their own favorite tunes, this way it’s less stress and you know everyone will love the music.

Create A Schedule

person writing in a journal at a coffee shop


You’re the host, which means you’re probably in charge of the turkey or main dish of the evening. On top of the main dish, you have to decorate, clean and do everything else. It’s a lot to host, which is why you should create a schedule. This way you’ll be organized and not stressed when your guests arrive. Plan a few days ahead and get everything that can be done early finished before the day of Friendsgiving.

Create a playlist a week before the gig. Go grocery shopping a few days before and make sure to bring a list so you won’t forget anything. Decorate your place the day before Friendsgiving! Now all you have to worry about the day of Friendsgiving is the food and making sure you know what to wear.

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