Elsa Hosk Models This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra That Costs $1 Million

Every year a lucky Victoria’s Secret Angel gets to wear the Fantasy Bra. For Victoria’s Secret Fashion show novices, the Fantasy Bra is a bra that is covered in Swarovski created-diamonds and it’s heavy, expensive and blinding.

Elsa Hosk is the lucky Angel who gets to wear this year’s Fantasy Bra. According to Teen Vogue, The estimated cost of the 2018 Fantasy Bra is $1 million. The bra has over 2,100 Swarovski-created diamonds and topaz that is set in sterling silver.


“It was just a sensation that I’ve never felt before,” Hosk told People magazine about trying on the Fantasy Bra for the first time. “My body was violently shaking. And it wasn’t because I was nervous, I was just excited. It was a cool feeling that I’ve never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I’ll never forget.”

The bra took over 930 hours to make and has more than 71 carats. Hosk said the bra gives off a “90s vibe” thanks to its harness and slight bodice.


“It’s definitely the most beautiful Fantasy Bra I ever saw, and when I saw it I was like, ‘You guys have got to be kidding me,’” Hosk exclaimed over the sparkly bra.

“It’s just very cool, very simple, modern, and so sparkly — If I would have designed it, it would have looked just like this. I put it on and I was like, ‘It looks like someone just made magic and put it on my body.’”

What’s different about this Fantasy Bra compared to past ones is that this one will be able to purchase their own Fantasy Bra. Don’t worry it’s not $1 million and isn’t a replica of the one Hosk will be walking down the runway.


The Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Fantasy Bra is also made with Swarovski crystals and will only set you back $250. The bra will be available online and select Victoria’s Secret stores on November 29. The bra is white and has the same demi-cup half bodice shape at the real Fantasy Bra. This one is white and covered in crystals.

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