Kylie Jenner’s High Gloss Set: What’s Inside & Details

Kylie Jenner’s new high glosses and dropping Thursday, November 8 and these are unlike all of her other Kylie Cosmetics’ glosses.

The beauty mogul teased the new glosses on her Instagram story the other week, but she is finally revealing the swatches and new formulas.

Kylie revealed that her new high glosses will come in seven different shades. The packaging for the glosses is a soft baby pink cap, clear bottles and “KYLIE” scrolled down the side in the same baby pink shade.

The individual boxes for the glosses show an up-close image of Kylie’s famous lips covered in a high gloss. The box has “KYLIE” outlined on the side. Kylie says the seven glosses are made with new formulas that are different than her previous glosses.

The applicator for the glosses is a wide white doe foot brush. The seven shades are Yesss Girl, Snatched, Oh You Fancy?, Daddy’s Girl, Diva, Always Shining and Klear.

Yesss Girl is a rose gold clear iridescent gloss.

The second gloss Kylie swatches is Snatched. This gloss is a mauve pink color with a pink sheen.

The third swatch is Oh You Fancy? The gloss is a clear iridescent gold high shine gloss.

Daddy’s Girl was the next gloss that got swatched. This gloss is also a clear iridescent gloss, but this one has a true pink sheen. Kylie said on Instagram that the difference between this shade and Yesss Girl is that Yesss Girl is a “flippy rose hot pink and Daddy’s Girl is just a straight pink gloss.”

The fifth swatch was Diva. This high gloss is a muted bubblegum pink color with a pink sheen.

The next gloss is called Always Shining. This gloss is a clear iridescent gloss with a white sheen.

Kylie also showed off the difference between Oh You Fancy? and Always Shining. “The difference between these two is that [Always Shining] is just a straight white sparkle while [Oh Youo Fancy?] has a champagne tint,” Kylie said on Instagram.

The final gloss in the High Gloss launch is Klear. Yes it’s clear spelled with a K. No one should be surprised. This gloss is the classic clear super shiny gloss. The gloss has a rosy pink tint that shows in the packaging, but it goes on clear.

The Kylie Cosmetic High Gloss collection launches on Thursday, November 8. The time of the launch hasn’t been announced and neither have the prices of the glosses. It’s also unclear if there will be an option to buy the glosses individually or if they only come in a set.