How Model Olivia Jordan Found Her Dream Engagement Ring From Instagram

You may know Olivia Jordan from her ever-popular Instagram (she has over half a million followers) or from her Sports Illustrated Swim 2018 shoot or as the winner of Miss USA 2015. The pageant girl turned model turned Instagram favorite, is on a new journey right now, she recently got engaged.

Olivia’s fiancé, Jay Hector, popped the question just shy of their two year anniversary. The couple was vacationing in Palm Springs when Jay got down on one knee. He created a mock wedding aisle at Olivia’s dream wedding venue, The Alcazar. His proposal has everything a good engagement should have, romance, tears and a beautiful engagement ring.

We caught up with Olivia to talk about her engagement ring, how Parcel & Stone helped create the ring and more.

This interview had been edited and condensed.

So how did you hear about Parcel & Stone?

My fiancé found them. He was looking for an engagement ring, obviously and he is just a really good researcher. We went to one store together to get an idea of the styles we liked. When he heard the prices from the store he was like, ‘How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?’ So when he started looking online, he found out that there are all sorts of ways to check and make sure that things are verified and actually worth what they’re pricing them. He thought Parcel & Stone were really upfront and honest. And they would allow him to custom design a ring, which is what he wanted to do.

Did he design the ring before he proposed and you knew about it?

Yes, we kind of just did it for fun. We’ve been dating for a year, and we went to a store and just playing around like what are some things you’d like for some day. He was obviously taking some intense mental notes because he got an idea from that session that he used six months later when he was talking to Parcel & Stone. He knew I didn’t have an exact ring in mind on what I wanted, but I had ideas. I knew I wanted it to be on a gold band. I knew the vibe I wanted it to have. I wanted it to feel classic but not something you see all the time. It’s an oxymoron in some ways, so I set him up for a challenge, but he delivered.

Where did you pull your ring inspiration from when you were trying to direct him in the right direction?

Yes, my main method was sending him Instagram photos. If I ever came across anyone’s ring that I loved on Instagram or if there was ever a celebrity that got engaged I would look up pictures of their ring on Instagram and send them to his inbox, so it was not very subtle. But it wasn’t just one ring, one size or one shape. That was important to me to show him things that I like and not tell him what to get me. I was hoping he would find someone knowledgeable that he could talk to and give that information to and create something that made sense for him and looked good.

So obviously Parcel & Stone were those people.

Yeah, I’m not sure exactly how he found Parcel & Stone. But knowing everything that I know now, they were incredible. I had said my ring has to be a gold band and a gold setting and they told him that the ring really pops if you do white gold or platinum for the actual setting. Just things that I had never thought about.

Yeah, like normal people wouldn’t know.

Yeah, that I wouldn’t know to instruct him to do that. Parcel & Stone were like we can totally do all gold everything if that’s how you feel, but I think it is going to look best if we do it this way. I think it is so helpful to have an expert say that can work but it can work better like this.

What if one piece of jewelry you think every woman should own?

Honestly, everyone should have diamond stud earrings. It is the most elegant and classic thing to wear. I feel like even when I’m dressed really casual, they make me feel more pulled together. It honestly doesn’t matter the size I think it’s such a personal thing what size you want to go with, it’s not always the bigger the better, but if that’s your look, it can be a beautiful statement. But a small stud is so classic and beautiful and can make you feel ready to go out.

Besides your engagement ring, what jewelry do you wear every day?

I do wear studs almost every day and then lately I have been wearing a small necklace. It’s a small gold chain with a teeny tiny pearl on it. It just feels sweet and delicate. This is the crazy part. I’m not a huge jewelry person. But I feel like when you wear a few pieces especially if you’re casual all the time, which I tend to be, you feel so much more put together. It’s the equivalent of putting on lipstick. It’s suddenly a look.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to design their dream ring?

I honestly think it’s okay to be vocal. I’m like over communicator in life, and I understand that you don’t want to pressure your boyfriend into getting engaged and I think I did as best I could with telling him things that I liked without putting any pressure on him. We both talked openly about marriage and that we wanted to get married so when you’re at that point in your relationship, I feel like you’re doing a service for both of you when you get clear with what you want. This is a piece of jewelry that you’re going to wear for the rest of your life and wear almost every single day, so it needs to be something that you love and looks like you. Not all guys understand jewelry, and they have a different vision. So get on the same page, that’s my pro tip.

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