Teen Helps Save ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion From Burning Down

The Bachelor mansion has been in grave danger since the Woolsey wildfire started in California. It was previously believed that the mansion burned down, but actually, it’s still standing thanks to a helpful teenager.

Ava Friedman, 16, lives next door to the famous mansion helped save The Bachelor house from burning down. Friedman went back to her home on Friday, November 9 to see if there was any damaged. Friedman and her father made the dangerous journey down Kanan Road in Agoura Hills to their home and consequently save The Bachelor mansion.


“Everything was smoky,” Friedman told US Weekly. “We went to visit our house to see if it was still standing and to see if we could save anything. There was fire everywhere, so we really had no idea if our house was still standing. We got to our house and we were like, ‘Thank God it’s still standing.’ We were just very thankful, but we saw next door, at The Bachelor house, there was a fire.”

Friedman, a high school student, and her father realized that the flame could burn down The Bachelor mansion and then make its way over to their home. She and her dad took matters into their own hands to save the famous home and their’s as well.


“There was no one on Kanan Road. It was like a ghost town because everyone had evacuated, so the only cars driving along Kanan were firefighters or police cars basically,” she explained. “So what we did is we went to Kanan and we basically put our emergencies on 9in our car0 and tried to flag down a police officer or a firefighter to see if they could put out the fire, because that was a big source of danger. That could have easily gone onto our property and more of The Bachelor property. So we literally flagged them down and said, ‘OH, our house is down there and the house next door is on fire. Can you please do what you can?'”

The firefighters Friedman flagged down went to The Bachelor house, which had a structure on fire, and saved the property.


“These firefighters went down to the house and we showed them where the fire had started at The Bachelor house and they put it out. One structure was already burned when [we saw that] the fire starts, but the fire could have spread more and actually destroyed more of the property. So yeah, we’re really glad that we found a brave firefighter to put it out.”

On November 9, show creator Mike Fleiss tweeted at fans to pray for The Bachelor mansion and Malibu.

The following day he tweeted that he wasn’t sure what state The Bachelor house is in and if it has been affected by the fires.

Thanks to Friedman and her dad, The Bachelor house only suffered a bit of damage and is still standing.