Lorde Accuses Kanye West & Kid Cudi Of Stealing Her Stage Idea

Lorde is reading receipts on Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s rap group Kids See Ghosts. The two performed during Camp Flog Gnaw festival on November 11 in a glass rectangular box hanging above the stage.


Well, Lorde has a problem with their stage because it looked eerily similar to the stage she used during her tour in March 2018 and her Coachella set in 2017. She took to her Instagram to call out Kanye and Kid Cudi for stealing her idea and even put photos of their stage next to hers.

Lorde shared an image from her tour in March with her dancers in a rectangle floating glass box with her performing below.

Instagram @lordemusic

To prove her point, she shared an image of Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s rectangle box stage.

Instagram @lordemusic

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Lorde provided more receipts that she did the floating rectangle stage first. She shared an image of her stage during her Coachella 2017 set with her performing in a suspended glass rectangle box.

Instagram @lordemusic

She’s really driving her point home and followed it up with another image of Kids See Ghosts stage from Camp Flog Gnaw.

Instagram @lordemusic

She posted her final story calling out Kanye and Kid Cudi for stealing her idea. “I’m proud of the work I so and it’s flattering when other artists fell inspiring by it,” Lorde wrote. “To the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don’t steal – not from women of anyone else – not in 2018 or ever.”

Instagram @lordemusic

Kanye and Kid Cudi have yet to respond to Lorde’s claims that they stole her stage. But Kanye and Cudi’s set designer, Es Devlin has no problem responding to Lorde’s claims. Devlin has worked with Kanye since 2005 and has designed sets for many tours including Touch The Sky, Glow in the Dark, Watch the Throne, YEEZUS and Saint Pablo.


Devlin has worked with Adele, The Weeknd, Beyonce and even Lorde. She even designed Lorde’s Coachella 2017 stage with the glass rectangle box. After Lorde accused Kids See Ghosts of copying her stage, Devlin shared photos of a rectangle stage from 2007 made by Georges Bizet for the English National Opera. Devlin is trying to prove that the rectangle gloating box stage isn’t new or her idea.


What do you think about Lorde’s claims?

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