9 New Cute Mickey Mouse Food Collabs You Need To Know About

You might not be able to tell, but Mickey Mouse is turning 90! November 18, 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of the iconic Disney characters first appearance in the animated short film “Steamboat Willie.” With all he’s accomplished in the past 90 years, Disney is honoring him in 2018, and that’s exactly why so many brands are releasing limited edition Mickey-themed products. In this week leading up to Mickey’s 90th birthday, food brands will be rolling out their own Mickey products and collaborations in honor of the mouse’s big day.

Be aware, Disney fans with a sweet tooth, here’s the list with the 9 cutest food collaborations that honor Mickey’s birthday!

Sugarfina x Mickey


The luxury candy boutique joined in on Mickey’s celebration by creating a line of Candy Bento Box, which comes with Candy Cubes, and chocolate bars for the True Original x Sugarifina Collection.

There are two types of the Candy Bento Box. The two-piece “Mickey Ears” Candy Bento Box comes with Mickey Ears and Gloves Candy Cubes. The three-piece “Mickey Through the Years” Candy Bento Box includes Mickey Ears, Gloves, and Buttons Candy Cubes.

And for chocolate lovers, Sugarfina is offering a Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection, including White Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar, and Dark Chocolate Bar.

Oreo x Mickey


America’s most beloved cookie is collaborating with America’s most beloved mouse! How cute can that be? Oreo has launched its Mickey-stamped, birthday-cake flavored cookies for this big day.

Goldfish x Mickey


Goldfish of Pepperidge Farm had also announced their limited edition birthday cookies for Mickey’s 90th birthday. Curious about what is Goldfish’s version of Mickey Mouse birthday? You will be able to find the Mickey-shaped cookies within all the goldfish!

Ample Hills Creamery x Mickey



Ample Hills created its very unique flavors just for Mickey! There are three different flavors: Confetti Celebration Mickey Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Jamboree Mickey Ice Cream and Triple Chocolate Surprise Mickey Ice Cream.

Now, Confetti Celebration Mickey Ice Cream might look odd with its unique color, but some of the Ample Hills’s crazy flavors are the best out there. This flavor is birthday cake-based with white chocolate, lemon cream-filled Mickey pieces throughout.

The Peanut Butter Jamboree Mickey Ice Cream is peanut butter-coated strawberry jam bits filled with tiny Mickeys!

And finally, the Triple Chocolate Surprise Mickey Ice Cream also built off birthday cake-based, though this one’s Mickey’s are white chocolate and fudge-filled.

Campbell’s Soup Cans x Mickey


Along with their Goldfish x Mickey edition, Pepperidge Farm is showing their love to the mouse with three different Campbell’s Soup can designs. The designs all portray the evolution of Mickey’s look. You can get these soup cans in retail stores such as Target and Walmart.

Totally Baked Cakery x Mickey–Rice Krispies


Though these aren’t being mass-marketed, Totally Baked Cakery’s Mickey Birthday Rice Krispies deserve a special mention because they are delightful.

Totally Baked Cakery x Mickey–Cakepops


The circle-shaped cakepops created by Totally Baked Cakery also give out a strong Mickey vibe.

Mickey Mustard


Instead of just eating Mickey itself (ooh that sounds horrible), let Mickey add some flavors to your food. Here, check out the Mickey mustard!

Mickey’s 90th Lip Balm


Ok, I’m not telling you to eat this lip balm. However, I just had to include this 90th-anniversary special edition lip balm because its design has the one of a kind Mickey-symbol luxuriously shaped in such a pristine golden color.

Happy birthday, Mickey!

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