Who Is Jessie J Dating Right Now?

Instagram / @jessiejJessie J is known for being a powerhouse of a singer, just listen to her hit “Bang Bang” which received several Grammy nominations. We’ve all dreamt of hitting those notes while singing in the shower, but how many of us have actually hit it? Jessie J has proven herself to be an amazing artist throughout the years.

The thirty-year-old British singer’s debut album took six years to create and was finally released on February 25, 2011. The album included her hit “Who You Are” and charted at number 11 in the US. In late January 2011, Jessie debuted “Price Tag” which quickly rose to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the last seven years, her career has grown exponentially. She’s currently on her R.O.S.E. tour and releasing a Christmas album just in time for the 2018 holiday season. Jessie is killing the career game, but how’s her dating life? Let’s take a look.

Tinie Tempah 2012


Rapper Tinie Tempah and Jessie J met two years prior to beginning their romance back in 2012. Although the two never confirmed their relationship, they were linked together by The Sun.

Multiple sources told the outlet, “They both like each other a lot. Jessie has admitted to a few friends she has a secret boyfriend at the moment.”

If the two dated, it wasn’t for very long. The two weren’t seen together after a few months of the rumors starting.

Luke James 2014-2015


R&B singer Luke James and Jessie J started dating in 2014. She confirmed the romance by posting a photo to Instagram. After dating for a year the couple split amicably. The pair remains friends, but the reason behind the breakup is unknown as Jessie J leads a highly private life.

Channing Tatum 2018


Channing Tatum, known for his starring roles in “Magic Mike” and “21 Jump Street”, recently split from his wife of nine-years, Jenna Dewan in early 2018. It looks like Channing has found his new girlfriend! He confirmed on Instagram┬áthat he is dating Jessie J.

According to US Weekly, Tatum was showing his support by going to her concerts in early October.

He’s making tons of effort to be at her shows by flying across the country to show his support. We can’t wait to see more of this beautiful pair!

Channing Tatum 2019-Present

Jessie J is in a relationship with Channing Tatum and they are taking things casually.

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